Today, for the first time, the whole family went together to vote.

On the way we saw this

once I removed the black blinds it looked like this

It seems the vendors next door held the same political views, as those papers were similarly obstructed.

To the polling place:

My guy had been voting at his former address and had voted there by affidavit in the primaries. He thought he was in the clear now – little did he know!

The place was empty – more volunteers than voters. In 2008 there had been a long line outside – up to the corner.

As I signed my voting card I was told I was the 100th voter. Pretty pathetic for 11AM. I asked if I get a prize.

“Your right to vote,” one said. Then we all looked at the new machines and shook our heads (the lever machines were famously tamper proof.)

It was the first time – for us – to use the new – no longer tamper proof machines.

It turned out my guy was not in the books so he had to fill an affidavit again – with 6  volunteers at odds with each other over what to do with it.

I went with my daughter at the little table with my faded small print ballot. Luckily for me she located the tiny button to turn on a faint led light that helped a bit.

I reached for the huge magnifying lens – but found it distracting.

So, I removed my glasses, stuck my nose in the paper and voted:

Governor: Howie Hawkins – Green

US Senator : Colia Clark  Green – instead of Chuck Schumer (who is projected winner by NYT and didn’t bother to  campaign at all)

US Senator : Kristen Gillibrand on the Working Families slate. This was a last minute change of mind – I decided that her gay rights stands make up for her Healthcare vote – reconsidered after this discussion

US Congress – Carolyn Maloney – another last minute change of mind. I put her support for Hillary in balance with the healthcare vote.

Attorney General – another change – I was going to vote for Amy Young – the Working Family candidate per this info. But my new party pulled a last minute switcheroo for the D candidate Eric Schneiderman. As there was no Green alternative and he was not an incumbent, I voted for him on the Working Families line.

State Comptroller – I voted Green – Julia Willebrand.

I headed to the scanner where I remembered I forgot to vote for the ballot proposals: term limits and red tape reduction. I had to go back to the table, stick my nose in the paper again to find the little ovals and voted “Yes” on both.

My guy meanwhile was surrounded by a swarm of confused volunteers giving him conflicting advice.

He was to fill an affidavit – on tiny print – faded red – which he couldn’t read.

I took my glasses off, stuck my nose in it and filled it while volunteers kept bugging me about going to the special tables.

I left my guy behind – waiting in a short and slow line  to get his name in the books.