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Today, for the first time, the whole family went together to vote.

On the way we saw this

once I removed the black blinds it looked like this

It seems the vendors next door held the same political views, as those papers were similarly obstructed.

To the polling place:

My guy had been voting at his former address and had voted there by affidavit in the primaries. He thought he was in the clear now – little did he know!

The place was empty – more volunteers than voters. In 2008 there had been a long line outside – up to the corner.

As I signed my voting card I was told I was the 100th voter. Pretty pathetic for 11AM. I asked if I get a prize.

“Your right to vote,” one said. Then we all looked at the new machines and shook our heads (the lever machines were famously tamper proof.)

It was the first time – for us – to use the new – no longer tamper proof machines.

It turned out my guy was not in the books so he had to fill an affidavit again – with 6  volunteers at odds with each other over what to do with it.

I went with my daughter at the little table with my faded small print ballot. Luckily for me she located the tiny button to turn on a faint led light that helped a bit.

I reached for the huge magnifying lens – but found it distracting.

So, I removed my glasses, stuck my nose in the paper and voted:

Governor: Howie Hawkins – Green

US Senator : Colia Clark  Green – instead of Chuck Schumer (who is projected winner by NYT and didn’t bother to  campaign at all)

US Senator : Kristen Gillibrand on the Working Families slate. This was a last minute change of mind – I decided that her gay rights stands make up for her Healthcare vote – reconsidered after this discussion

US Congress – Carolyn Maloney – another last minute change of mind. I put her support for Hillary in balance with the healthcare vote.

Attorney General – another change – I was going to vote for Amy Young – the Working Family candidate per this info. But my new party pulled a last minute switcheroo for the D candidate Eric Schneiderman. As there was no Green alternative and he was not an incumbent, I voted for him on the Working Families line.

State Comptroller – I voted Green – Julia Willebrand.

I headed to the scanner where I remembered I forgot to vote for the ballot proposals: term limits and red tape reduction. I had to go back to the table, stick my nose in the paper again to find the little ovals and voted “Yes” on both.

My guy meanwhile was surrounded by a swarm of confused volunteers giving him conflicting advice.

He was to fill an affidavit – on tiny print – faded red – which he couldn’t read.

I took my glasses off, stuck my nose in it and filled it while volunteers kept bugging me about going to the special tables.

I left my guy behind – waiting in a short and slow line  to get his name in the books.

The Florida 3 way senate election makes for strange statements

When Rubio wins on Tuesday,

will those who voted for Meek instead of Christ be happy with their votes? There is a time to be idealistic and there is a time to be pragmatic. Now is the time to be pragmatic and vote for Crist.

and elicits this response

5. Never thought I’d see the day when Democrats who voted for the Democratic candidate would get bashed

on DemocraticUnderground. Permalink

That only shows how very lost you are, buddy. A much more popular discussion on the same theme

DUers no longer have the right to demand party loyalty.

Not after demanding Meek drop out of the FL senate race to increase support for Crist. Endorsing and pushing a recent former Republican over the Dem (who is losing in part *because* FL Democrats refuse to support him, thus ensuring an “unelectable” feedback loop) and then demanding party loyalty is the height of hypocrisy.

with an interesting agreement

2. K&R because I’m in Arizona where the Democratic party couldn’t even find

candidates for a lot of offices. Hypocrisy is its own fertilizer. Permalink

and a predictable disagreement invoking the WWOD rule

10. What about Obama advocating a vote for an independent instead of a Dem?

I guess he’s broken DU rules, too! Permalink

PUMAs may have disbanded, but not in the minds of these people. First response to this

Obama primary challenge? Nearly half of Dems want 2012 fight.


1. Really who is pushing that drivel……PUMAS

and showing how clueless

2. Bingo

damn, let it go people…imagine if the Gore faction had kept that up during Clintons eight years.

A bit hard to imagine, seing as Gore never ran against Clinton, let alone have the primaries stolen And here’s Obama’s soul mate in a log rant against the voters. Some highlights:

67. I’m really not a voter worshiper. ….I really haven’t seen a president or candidate in my lifetime who could compare with Obama. Therefore, I have no trouble at all in blaming the few Dem voters expressing “disenchantment” for their own problems. I think any Dem who grumbles about Obama should have the decency to name an alternative or shut up. That never happens, of course….. ……These folks are high maintenance. They don’t realize a very simple fact: You have to give a great deal of loyalty and trust to your team or you are useless to it. It’s hard to be angry with people who don’t understand this, though, because they are basically blind. They have no idea they are wrong. They should think about it.

Someone is trying to defend the Gawker story on O’Donnell

What’s the definition of misogynist?

O’Donnell portrays herself as “pure” and condemns sexual activity outside of marriage, including masturbation. That’s ALL this is about. No woman-hating going on. Simply O’Donnell-hating.

One person disagrees

i am not seeing sexual history with straight sex of single male running on family values

are you?

On the latest Obama heckling

Obama deals with protests in Connecticut

“Excuse me … excuse me,” an irritated looking Obama said before he could finally talk over the shouting. “We’re funding global AIDS (prevention) and the other side is not — so I don’t know why you find this a useful strategy.” As some protesters kept shouting — and presidential backers began changing pro-Obama slogans — Obama told his critics, “you guys have made your point, so let’s go … C’mon, guys.”

Most applaud Obama, and one who says was present is convinced they were R’s

I got a close look at these protesters, and they resembled Mormon missionaries much more than AIDS activists. Karl Rove and his ilk must have had a hand on this. Permalink

But there are also comments like these

5. It’s a shame, the President’s response. It’s also a shame the response many here have to the protest The President is hypocritical when he confronts situations like this. In calmer places he tells us, “Push me, make me do my job.” From the beginning he’s said that, he’s said it over and over again. Then when people do that, he gets irritated, tells them, “I’ve done lots of things, now shut up and go away! I’m talking here!” Everyone supports the STFU, saying, “Why don’t they wait until AFTER the election?”…… Permalink

and even Clinton comparisons

6. Clinton would usually tell you who to speak to about your concerns. I think Obama was disturbed by

the fact it was right before the election. His mind is in campaign mode, but I agree, he could have just said some of those things you said. It’s not easy to talk with people shouting, though. They could hold up signs and be respectful after a minute of chanting. Permalink

That’s probably what brought the operative with one post to say he was there and they were Rove’s guys (fo’ sure! That’s the ticket!) From Skinner, expectations for Election Day

We’ve got an election on Tuesday, and it might not go so well. Here’s what to expect on DU.

Besides expectations of increaed traffic and such there’s that loyalty thinghy

5. If you want the Democrats to lose, GO AWAY. I fully expect that there may be lots of finger-pointing and “I told you so” posts, and as much as I don’t like it I understand it is going to happen. That’s fine. But if anyone seems a little too gleeful that the Democrats lost and the Republicans won, we’re not going to cut you a great deal of slack. If you want to celebrate a Republican victory, take it to Free Republic. I think that’s everything. Fingers crossed, hoping for the best. GO DEMS!

I wonder how the glee is measured. I also wonder if Mineral Man will help direct traffic to his Alma Mater of 4 years.

Believing their own PR

Things Look good for Dems Tomorrow…Tim Kaine said just now…Chris Van Holland said Twice in Last

2 Days that We will HOLD THE House and Senate!

Both of them were very upbeat. Kaine on CNN and Van Holland on MSNBC today and yesterday on some show.

They are Insiders and Very Upbeat. I would think they know more than we do or the Press will Laugh at them for their calls after the election.

Spinning is prepared

Just to be clear, if Ds hang onto either house, we are calling it a victory.

Further explained

16. When I was a defense attorney…

…a verdict that came back with less liability than the prosecutor’s best offer was a victory. I think the Ds holding off the predicted R landslide will be a victory in reality. Permalink

and replied

19. Well, in your expert opinion as a defense attorney…

what would you call it when you practically sweep a party off the map, elect a hugely popular president with a historic mandate and give him both houses of Congress with the largest majorities in a generation… and then piss that all away in just two years? Permalink

Many more “victories” like that, asshats!

A good sum-up

I don’t like the choice between far right and center right

personally, I think we need a wider spectrum of political discourse.

Our democratic party had a super majority, and the best it could do is pass Bob Doles 1996 health care plan. We need more ideas….

and gets slapped over the head with Skinner’s stick

5. Organize for another party

Or in the words of some other famous person, If you want the Democrat to lose, GO AWAY.

and one that takes the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

blaming Code Pink

9. I don’t either but we can blame the Code Pinks and Medea Benjamins for this

Because of their shrill bullying tactics, they made the Democratic party move further right

hey, at least it’s not all the “lefties”.

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