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In DC a terrorist plot is thwarted

and there’s a NY connection

Meanwhile, voters need not apply, the politicians make deals for after the elections –

while maintaining the illusion elections matter by seeking hipness – The Daily Show Read the rest of this entry »

Most tabloids are into the circus part of the story: elections mostly.

In Rhode Island the fall-out – Caprio on defense, with Clinton coming to help

Monie Times begs mercy for foreclosures (as if in any danger)

Only one paper mentions the tragedy in Indonesia


and only one the bullying that spawns ongoing tragedies


While voters have been lectured – hard – about party loyalty, Obama – like he did in the NYC mayor race, can pick and chose.

In RI he got his response – NY Post has it on page one

and the was it’s reported in RI

The next hypocrite is our ally Karzai – who’s been financed by Iran too

He even points finger at US as to his reasons

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The next hypocrite is BP’s new, more diplomatic CEO – which can throw a tantrum as well as his gaffe prone predecessor: Everyone done BP wrong!

and the last hypocrite is dear ol’ Mike who wants 2 term limits for mayors not named Bloomberg


The specter of the endless war is back (see also the specter of the endless work)

Pundits seem to agree: Rs will take the house Read the rest of this entry »

The Iraq was documents get another day on page one (few papers)

In Stars and Stripes, one war exposed, another escalates

but not without punching Wikileaks founder

because who likes being shown a criminal – NYT – remember Judith Miller? The WMD finder?

and check the grim election news too – managing expectations at work.

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