No wonder David Brooks admires him so!

He just revealed his deep contempt for people – more so than before – talking about the foreclosures

“And we’re always trying to find that sweet spot to use as much of the money that we have available to us to help those who can be helped, without wasting that money on folks who don’t deserve help,” he continued. “And that’s a tough balance to strike.”

Geez, I thought the balance was between fraudulent banks and homeowners!

What a right wing talking point! The sweet spot!

I don’t remember trying to select the deserving from the undeserving when shoveling our treasury to Wall Street!

Apparently he has a simple solution for it all

Obama pointed out that what’s driving foreclosures nowadays is the jobs crisis, rather than predatory lending and exploding mortgages. “And so the single most important thing I can do for the housing market is actually improve economic growth as a whole,” he said. “If we can get the economy moving stronger, if we can drive the unemployment rate down, that will have probably the biggest impact on foreclosures, as well as housing prices, as just about anything. “

The short of it: leave the banks alone! Wait for “heck of a job” Summers to find a solution to it all!

On edit, found a Ted Rall strip that fits