As it becomes more and more clear that Jr.jr is the set-up for Jeb to ride in on a white horse to save us all in 2012, I wasn’t surprised to see NY Times featuring him:

Ten Questions for Jeb Bush

I would have had the silly expectation that they would have avoided talking rope in the election thief’s house. But there was Bill Clinton bashing to be done – so no holds barred.

The very first question asks Mr Florida 2000 to judge Bill Clinton based on the proven false story they front-paged today:


We saw the news break that former President Bill Clinton had been in discussions with Kendrick B. Meek [the Democratic candidate for Senate] about possibly getting out of the race. What kind of picture does that present to you?

And Jeb, who admitted onΒ  NPR in 2001 that he was the local decision maker for the Bush campaign in the recount debacle, didn’t disappoint

The reason why there is such a reaction to the usual politics of the day is just these kind of backroom deals. It reminds me that Charlie Crist [the Florida governor and Independent candidate for Senate] will do anything possible to get elected.

Oh, the humanity!