A very insightful UK analysis

The Real Reason President Obama Has Let Us All Down

They know the people who caused the crash are fatter than ever, while the people who had nothing to do with it take the pain, and Obama is left calling this farce progress. In the absence of a liberal populism that would have actually fixed these problems, all the oxygen goes to the fake populism of the Tea Party. US politics has ended up as a battle between the mostly corrupt and the entirely corrupt.

is met with the usual “Love Obama or die” attitude from 2008,

20. who’s ‘us all’ ?


23. You’re so polite. I was going to say, “What’s this ‘us all’ shit?!1′ ” n/t Permalink

A very good question

Flashback: I wonder if Biden regrets not allowing witnesses who would have corroborated Anita Hill?

Trolls officially take over the place as an Obama booster reveals his true identity with just enough hypocrisy

I Once Spent Almost Four Years Posting on a Right-wing Forum,

Free Republic, trying to convince people that their approach was wrong and that they were wrong….
In those almost four years, I wrote over 23,000 posts. I always avoided breaking any rules of the site, and so was allowed to stay there as some sort of “token liberal.”….

to make them see him as a hero

I applaud you, my dear MineralMan!

I admire your creativity, your intelligence, and your tenacity in the face of what had to be really distasteful postings…

Thank you.

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Very few dare object – this post has been since deleted

97. Yes…it’s said you Posted on “Free Republic for Years!” Yet…

you had some “transformation” and ended up here on DU where you trash folks who’ve been here for YEARS…WORKING FOR YEARS against the RIGHT WING…and YOU THINK YOU ARE SPECIAL and ABOVE US!

You who spent your years “over there” but come HERE and TRASH WORKERS FOR YEARS FOR DEMOCRATS!


As a CHRISTIAN…I should be so ACCEPTING of your “Saul Moment ..struck down on Road to Damascus” in the BLINDING LIGHT….

But, I don’t trust you seeing how you BULLY and SWAGGER your way around Democratic Underground.

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But they are soon put in their place

129. And I don’t trust anyone who does nothing but trash a Democratic President on a Democratic site.

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Another one ripe for deletion

141. so you were patronizing at Free Republic as well, assuming

you could change minds to your superior way of thinking. We lesser folk are just soo privileged to have you in our midst. :D Permalink

and another

99. Ah…the GREAT SAGE comes to Share his WISDOM about his Years at “FEEPERLAND”

and we are to sit in AWE of his GREAT WISDOM! Give me a break..from your SAGE WISDOM! Permalink

Preserving them as so many re deleted

Obey Teh Leader is the only thing required for total trust. Nothing changed from 2008 Karl Rove was believed more than Paul Krugman.

The Freeper’s beatification is even more jarring when Skinner is whitewashing it all

One of the biggest obstacles we face here on Democratic Underground is human nature.

We are all progressives here. We all share the same core values. Our arguments — when we have them — are about the details. It is easy to believe that a different opinion on the details is a clue to ones opinion on the big picture stuff. But here on DU, that usually isn’t the case. We all want the same things.

yeah, all. Freepers, Cat Food commission boosters and others – they are all progressives. And everyone screaming “bitch” and “cunt” in 2008. Very progressive. Until Dear leader declares the word to be icky at least.

I am thinking – strong DUdie contender.

The power of distraction –

White House meeting to discuss legislative repeal of DADT in 2010.

Much debate followed by the right comment

20. “Here’s a shiny object…don’t forget to vote next week.” n/t Permalink

Is there a shadow of a doubt I see?

Could Obama have done things differently

Notice the apologetic tone

Moderators: If a candid discussion on Obama, Democratic Party policy, and Republican methods of hijacking the agenda are not permitted then please just delete this post.

Ends with unwarranted hope

17. I Just Hope He’s Learned His Lesson.

Would suck if he went back to business as usual after November again.

Yeah. Hope. And don’t forget Change.

Mr B+ also calls himself a “progressive” – if Obama would be a DU-er, this would be this week’s DUdie

Obama tells blogger he’s a progressive

eventually this mindboggling definition came

10. He is a progressive pragmist

he governs so that he can get things pass and move the country forward. It might not move as far out (left) as you would like but it sure as hell isn’t moving backwards and he isn’t standing still (centrist).Permalink

Got news for Angee: HCR, reinstating DADT,  Catfood commission – sure as hell move(d) us backwards . But the smart comment is this one

27. does Robert Gibbs know this?

he’s going to think his boss is on drugs. Permalink

Of course, Obama would also have to call himself a whiner.

And the most popular thread on DU celebrate Obama’s “reaching out to the common man” (as represented by the Daily Show audience) It gets my DUdie,

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

as I am a common man (woman?)

For whatever it’s worth: I was WRONG about Obama. I just watched him on Jon Stewart.

I think I saw a different side of him than I’d ever seen before.
I loved the fact that he made himself vulnerable and opened himself
to any questions that were asked of him. (How many of YOU would
allow themselves to be cross-examined by the likes of Jon Stewart?)
Seems like Obama really reached out to the common man. Basically,
he explained himself and I, for one, loved that.

There are many more gushing paragraphs after this one, but the “common man” got to me.