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It’s a trendy question with wrong answers such as “nostalgia” and “people forget the bad”. Or implications of racism – because Clinton was from the South.

The words Peace and prosperity” never come into play. Neither, obviously, “the last elected president”.

A little history is needed for an answer:

In The Hunting of the President, Joe Conason recounts that sometimes at the beginning of the race between Bush the Smarter and Bill Clinton, the Bush campaign called – offering help in the future if Clinton just stands down and let Poppy have the second term he was entitled to. If he didn’t comply, he’d never work in this town again.

Clinton refused and CDS started: the bimbos and the “gates” were unleashed and practically never stopped to this day – but maybe slowed down a bit.

Bill Clinton won IN SPITE the establishment, the media. The good things he accomplished were all IN SPITE the powers that be. (yes, even DOMA, DADT were good things – in the historical context). He WAS change.

Peace and prosperity came from Clinton resisting calls to invade Iraq and provided the adequate stimulus to the economy. IN SPITE of everyone saying he was wrong. In spite of no one praising him for being right afterward.

Clinton managed to interrupt the order of things, upsetting the apple cart.

he was once asked: Why do they hate you so? He answered: “Because I won. They thought they were entitled to the power and I took it from them.

Obama came to power in totally different circumstances Unlike in 1994, the system was ready for the switcheroo.

Democratic Party.  was,
he wrote, “maintained by the business interests” as a kind of
“lifeboat.” Whenever the GOP ship sprung a leak—whenever Republicans
were no longer willing or able to do business’s bidding—the interests
simply piled into the other party and made their escape.

After that, Gore’s victory was invalidated by courts. Kerry’s by counting machines.

Obama was planned. It was time for the safety boat in 2008. Had to be him – another Clinton was out of the question.

That’s why he was sold like a commodity, a brand by the same people who sold us Bush before.

Truth is a daughter of time. people eventually realize whose interests are advanced  by this so called “D” historical administration. Insurers, pharma, Wall street – get paid off, get away with murder. Gays, women, unions, homeowners, workers – get punished.

So, nostalgia isn’t exactly the perversion of the truth.

For 8 years, as much as he could – Clinton reversed the tide.

Obama is the safety boat of the same interests that oppressed us before.

Clinton said recently: You have to make people feel like winners, make their lives better. He did. Obama didn’t. It’s that simple.