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I am reminded of times during W when outrages and bad news came so fast, I didn’t have the emotional capacity to even register them all. Some started making lists.

Jr.jr is stepping up to the plate and now delivering multiple blows in one decision

White House rejects gay judicial nominee

But wait, there’s more:

The White House has rejected the recommended nomination of a New York attorney who would have become the first openly gay man to sit on the federal bench, because of comments he reportedly made about the Pledge of Allegiance and Christmas that were deemed anti-Christian.

We are deep in the War on Christmas territory and this is what the heathen went and done it

n a 2005 article published by Cybercast News Service, Alter is quoted as saying that a general holiday greeting is more appropriate and inclusive for retailers as opposed to saying “Merry Christmas.”“It seems both from a business … and a community perspective, that if merchandisers were going to do that … they would try to wish those in the community who may not share in celebrating Christmas a happy holiday as well,” Alter is quoted as saying.

To thing Ds were making fun of Christine O’Donnel for not being aware of  the separation of Church and state being in the Constitution! I mean it’s not like she was some Constitutional Law professor or something!

Seems the war on Christmas is starting early this year!

But not a moment too soon, as  The Giardian informs us, the heathens are on the attack

More than a figure of speech, this rejoinder is a direct invitation to join one of the dozen local non-theistic groups that have come together as Washington CoR – the Washington DC area Coalition of Reason.

Believers in traditional religion are often shocked at such ads.

    Washington DC nontheist, atheist bus shelter advert

Bewate of them!