If it’s Friday it’s Howdie DUdie time

What’s the last drop for some:

I’ve largely stayed out of the Obama flame wars here. Prop 19 may change that.

…..s a political matter, President Obama will have me actively fighting against him. Sure, I’m a nobody, but I somehow feel like there are a great many kindred souls in this state who feel the same way I do about this. Reply with all the Palin-as-President scare tactics you want, I don’t care. There’s nothing in the world that will make me vote for this guy if he goes on some heavy-handed anti-California, anti-pot crusade. I want to think better of the President. I hope he’ll reconsider.

Some are defending Holder

Maybe I’m clueless, but isn’t Eric Holder just DOING HIS JOB?

32. that’s why bush and cheney are in prison, right? Permalink

More delusions

Obama backs boosting revenue for Social Security

Some fierce advocacy going on here

9. I wish I had more confidence in his words. Permalink

It gets better:

Fierce Advocate may be considering ‘separate-but-equal’ policy to replace DADT

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the military had to consider whether barracks should be segregated and whether partners of gay soldiers should have benefits.

This sounds disturbingly like the creation of a “separate but equal” system.

and consequences

Poll: Many Obama 2008 supporters defecting to GOP


and more facts

DADT will not be overturned in the lame duck session.

With the House likely lost and the Senate likely narrowed, there is no legislative route.

The Obama administration must step aside and let the judicial system take care of what he could not. You fucked up, now get out of the fucking way.

more clueless disbelief

3. Bookmarking…

Looking forward to reposting this link sometime in the next 2 years.

called on

. 2 years? That’s a really long lame duck session. nt

More facts

CNBC predicts Congress will retroactively legalize foreclosure fraud

Irrational hope

1. Obama is going to have to use the veto.

stand up for us for awhile.

Reaction to that

64. That could happen.


More reality

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Krugman: Epitaph for an Administration

Or to put it another way, the administration has never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. And soon there won’t be any more opportunities to miss.

and he gets sent promptly under the bus

7. Krugman never misses an opportunity to slam the President.

It might get him on the cover of Newsweek again.

and a witty one

11. “Brought a Whitman’s Sampler and some roses to a knife fight”

The engraver should find that short enough. Permalink

and the mother of all delusions

From as early as the primary season in 08, the US media has had the knives out for Barack Obama-Why?

I would even say that John Kerry got better treatment in the 2004 campaign by the msm than President Obama is getting now.

culminating with this one – which gets the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

hands down

7. HRC was a media darling in 2006/2007/2008

The coverage of her was nowhere near as vitrolic as it was against Senator Obama as he neared clinching the democratic nomination. She was critcized yes but given tremendous respect – something that Senator Obama never received. Of course, I’m talking here in mainstream media land outside of FNC. Of course, FNC hates her. FNC hates all democrats. Permalink

What color is the sky in their universe?