Ever the lover not the fighter, Obama avoids “hostile regions” being confined to campaign in 9 friendly states

while polls find Ds defecting to the GOP

and the law suits against Obama’s unprecedented HCR gain traction in court

On the flip side, NY Post unsurprisingly endorses the machine candidate Andrew Cuomo

In Louisiana, a rally against domestic abuse makes page one

In California the medicinal marijuana lacks the needed funding

and in NY, Comcast cable subscribers are in Fox blackout because of  negotiations impsse (get an antenna converter people!)

And Facebook faces new privacy breach complaints (from some applications)

Also, in NY – all 7 candidates for governor get to debate today

Of course this debate can only be followed on 2 obscure cable channels with a very small area (I don’t have it). No streaming on line as far as I know. Why inform NYS voters? Cuomo is the machine guy – the rest must be invisible.