It took place tonight between all 7 candidates

– the one good thing Paladino accomplished.

The media was carefully protecting the anointed one from surprises, so one could only watch this on cable or radio. Video streamlining was for pay as well.

Not having cable, I had to invite myself in the home of someone who did to watch.

It was a good debate. The organizers gave all candidates equal time – not like some D debates in the 2008 primaries.

There were 4 R candidates: Paladino, the Libertarian, the Madam and Cuomo.

There were 2 progressive candidates – the Green candidate – Hawkins and the Freedom party guy Charles Barron – who lost me when heΒ  declined to support gay marriage.

There was a corky candidate – the “Rents are too damn high” party who wasn’t quite sure he was not running for Mayor of NYC. (Same could be said of Charles Barron from the Freedom party)

When the first question came what services would you cut”?

both Paladino and Cuomo jumped: Medicare and education.

The 2 progressives rejected the premises – no cuts necessary – just progressive taxation and get the 16 billion Wall Street owes to the state.

The Madam had aΒ  few good lines (“the only difference between my former business and MTA was that we had only one set of books and delivered timely and quality service”)

The Libertarian also landed a few good blows (I am not a politician, not insane nor son of a governor)

The candidates managed to chip seriously at Cuomo’s persona of anti-corruption crusader with quips and examples of selective enforcement of the law.

All in all an excellent debate – rife with substance and wit.

Please add your comments if you watched or your questions if you didn’t


The write-up from AP. After making sure no one watched, they pretend there were 2 people in the debate. The rest – just an afterthought.

Updating it with the one paper that gave them all face time

The media was so obsessed with keeping the preordained result from being upset, there was no coverage of this in the city! Ny Times the paper of record has nothing on page one! Nor do the tabloids – in spite of the funny and outrageous statements. You snoozed, you loozed this opportunity to find out about the candidates.


Here is the NYT live blogging of the debate

The Green Party, Hawkins is completely omitted from the write-up. Didn’t happen. Move on people. @ parties and this time you’re supposed to vote Cuomo. Sez the establishment.

Cuz remember how good you had it when you listened to them: Bush, Obama….