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I have to admit I was wrong. I predicted that with 60 days to appeal the DADT injunction, Obama will wait until after Election Day Silly me, I forgot he wants to lose

Why would the White House do this before the midterms?

Because they declared it back  in July

Republicans Could Gain Control of the House in November, Gibbs Says

So, I shouldn’t be surprised to find out that

Obama administration expected to appeal ruling on gays in military

And not in weeks, in a day or two.

I mean, he has to get tough on someone, right?

He couldn’t get tough on insurers

U.S. to Let Insurers Raise Fees for Sick Children

or on fraudulent lenders

Short Sale Foreclosure Rates Stall: Obama Balks At Foreclosure Moratorium

Someone has to get it, right? And who better that those who chose that lifestyle to pay for it all?

Of course in the land of the faithful, they KNOW is multi-dimensional chess

71. Exactly. It’s an old trick. they will probably ….

…put a first year law grad on the appeal, give him 24 hrs to write it up, submit it, let the courts laugh at it for a few days, and act “unpleasantly surprised” with the rulling. Repukes pull this BS from the other side when they have to defend a liberal law.

Why would anyone be worried about the gays? They’ll be taken care of when it will become convenient, just in time for the 2012 election, the one Obama actually cares to win. The DU administrator patiently explains a non-believer:

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Response to Reply #4
10. Because President Obama, and everyone else in his administration, have said repeatedly…
…that they oppose the law and want it repealed. They know repealing it is the right thing to do.To the more skeptical and/or cynical among us, here’s another reason: They don’t want to go into the 2012 presidential election without a major accomplishment on LGBT rights. Permalink

because to let the decision stand would deprive Obama

13. But then there’s no signing ceremony. n/t


Until then, STFU and vote, damn whiners!


This become even more perverse in light of that statement to NYT

“He says the next two years will focus less on passing ambitious legislation and more on implementing what he has already passed”


Update 2

And it’s a fact:

Obama administration seeks stay of ‘don’t ask’ ruling

The Justice Department asked a federal judge Thursday to stay her ruling that the military suspend enforcement of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law, arguing that the decision is disruptive to an ongoing Pentagon review of how to end the ban on gays serving openly in the military.

The miners get most headlines today with  NYC finding the tabloid angle of the story

NY Post not far behind with its bad pun Read the rest of this entry »

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