The midweeks DUDies


Oh, God No – Gibbs eyed for DNC chair

11. Well, considering Tim Kaine spent 18 months designing a “D” inside of a circle,

I suppose that Gibbs would be an improvement. Permalink

Loyalty check poll – by now almost  everyone knows they are not secret (97%)

will you be voting dem in the coming election

Another Jr.jr – greeted with disbelief and support

Obama Administration Wants New Law to Wiretap the Internet

Sources and wording are question, then comes the cheerleading

So what exactly are you objecting to?

Should authorities NOT have the ability to monitor email, IM and cell phone traffic of suspected criminals and terrorists? Permalink

with only one objection

9. No, they shouldn’t. They should use the FISA courts and those

were already secretive enough. Permalink

A look at the historical healthcare effects

healthcare.png picture by Robbedvoter

That was depressing

I went to the government’s health insurance plan and looked up my future plan. I thought I was only going to be paying double monthly what I pay now. Boy was I wrong. Its more like quadruple or quintuple to get the maximum out of pocket/deductible I have for the next few months. In effect, if I pay double, I have $15,000 maximum out of pocket costs and $10,000 annual deductible. I’ll be paying for insurance that I cannot afford to use.

Some are still confuzzled

6. I don’t understand

why would your insurance be getting worse? Permalink

Yours too, buddy, yours too.

Rallying for Obama’s idol

PHOTO: one mocking Bush I somehow missed during his presidency:

Everybody cheers for Ron!

As evidence is presented on Warner’s airlocking

Elizabeth Warren is “at best a placeholder”. Evidence against her succeeding

messengers are attacked. There’s even a graphic now for this


In commenting on a poll demographics, the old biases come back

10. Wow, what’s really telling is the age differences.

Seems the younger the generation, the more support. What is it about growing old that turns people more conservative? Permalink

Some try for reason

11. Not always more conservative. Possibly just more critical.

Only to get race baited

13. And probably more racist. Permalink

Here’s an epiphany that I missed  few weeks ago – thank you rodeodance)

My Great Awakening – I’m Sorry Hillary (and America), I was So Wrong

It’s locked of course, for rehashing the primaries, in spite of the rant ending with

And I gave up all Hope and knew that the Dream was well and truly dead and I was going to give up voting once again – this year and two years from now.

Until this morning when I had my road to Damascus moment.
And realized that I was wrong.
There was another option and I should have chosen it two years ago.

Democratic Party – you put Ms. Clinton back om the ballot on ’12 . You put that bad girl back on and I’ll be her biggest supporter . Your only chance of getting my Democratic vote (and I suspect the votes of millions more like me) in ’12 is going to be Clinton.

Obama sold me (and us out) – that’s become clear to me.
It’s time for a real Change.
Give me a Choice in ’12.

The DUdie goes

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

to this other  realization, ironically coming from the apologists

I think for the first time ever I have become truly disgusted with a great deal here at DU.

We’ve had our differences. We’ve fought. We’ve said some ugly things. But tonight was the final straw. I am ashamed to admit I post on DU.

This place jumped the shark tonight.


Someone even helps me with the explanatory image

Aparently it’s over some defending the Tennesee firemen who let the house burn

But, the shark jumping goes way further people. Mind you, it’s only a DUdie because of the lateness, and narrowness of topic. Otherwise, nothing to argue about.