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If it’s Friday, it’s the DUdies

Let’s tell the Dems why we’re not enthused for Election Day. They seem confused why.

Of course the first response is sarcastic talking point

1. 3) We have the attention span and patience level of pre schoolers.


Obama’s latest attack on base

Obama: Democratic voter apathy ‘inexcusable’

gets a good reply

2. he has it backwards – like most of DC

They represent us. They work for us. They don’t dictate what we “need to” do or criticize us for not doing it.

The good representatives will energize us and excite us and make us “want to” do things? That’s what he “needs to” do.

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and the predictable attack

21. Waaah!

Need a tissue?
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In another thread on Biden’s admonition, someone sounds just like we did in the PUMA days

328. Yes, they’re amazingly clueless…..Not to mention arrogant.

They act like we “owe” them something, when in fact it is they who “owe” us.

Too bad you didn’t notice when they did that to the “bitter knitters”

Some re still confused

Please describe the Mechanism whereby “Stop whining” becomes votes.

Someone who doesn’t get just WHO needs those votes glibly replies

1. as soon as you explain the mechanism where continual whining becomes votes

and they call us “dead enders”:

I’m sticking with this man to the end.

Interesting that “the end” is being brought up though.

And they are sticking with the 3D chess theory too

I think the left leaning blogosphere just got punked.

1. POTUS/VPOTUS call out the “whiners”

2. those who THINK they are the subject of the remarks start … well … whining

3. Obama draws record crowd of young, enthusiastic, fired up voters

4. left leaning blogsphere look foolish and out of touch. “See these young voters? They’re not listening to you … they’re listening to ME!”

You can mockingly call it 3d chess if you like, but it’s what he does … did it to the Clintons (compared Bill to Reagan, got them irate and caused them to overreact) and he did it to McCain (too many times to count.) I suspect he will KEEP doing it to anyone who gets in his way…. except, of course Ben Nelson. :)

See, not being a chess players, I missed the brilliant strategy of the Reagan admiration – expressed years ago in his book as well.

One is not convinced

7. how come Republican leaders flatter the Tea Partiers,

while Democratic leaders love to shit all over the liberals?
“At least we’re not batteries: either working or dead” -Anonymous
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Unflattering photos of Hamsher, Arianna and …Greenwald are posted. Permalink
(Got it? They are the enemy Obama so brilliantly vanquished)

But someone else thinks the enemy is still alive and deserves more beating

The President spoke the truth, and of course, like everything else,
they are thinking it’s hell. But then again, most likely they love the hell,
cause it gives them some more negativity to push.

Which came first, the President addressing the whining,
or the whiners dogging out the President?

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But some are confused:

24. That makes me really glad I canvassed for 2 and 1/2 hours tonight.

To log into DU and learn I’ve been “punked”.

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Dean is hailed as king again as comments he made  in a book are out

Dean Called Rahm’s ‘Contempt’ For Base ‘Devastating And Incredibly Demoralizing’

Pile on Rahm ensues. One fan however notices the ending of the quoted article

2. Hmmm?

“Dean did not immediately return a request for comment about the most recent round of Obama-Biden statements.”

Yeah, let’s pull out old statement by Dean to give the impression that he disagrees with the President.

Howard Dean said recently that health care was real reform. Want to pull out his old statements about the bill? Permalink

Good ol’ Dean, talking with both sides of his mouth… More apologists pile on with glee

Another apologist is proud of his thick skin

I have not been Insulted. You Don’t Speak for me!

ou were not listening. you were not reading. This president has always has a Center-Left Agenda. With an emphasis on Center…..

Others join in with enthusiasm.


The much heralded member survey is here.

It pretends to be secret

Your responses to this survey are anonymous. Neither your username nor any other personally identifiable information will be saved along with your answers, so the administrators will not be able to figure out how you or any other individual responded to the questions.

but as I clicked on it, it read my member info

Member InformationYear you joined Democratic Underground:


Approximate post count (0-9, 10-499, 500-999, 1000-4999, 5000-9999, 10,000+):


Best questions:

Which of the following is closest to your opinion about the two major political parties?

There are important differences between Democrats and Republicans.
Both major parties are basically the same.
Don’t know/Other

Which of the following is closest to your opinion about Barack Obama and George W. Bush?

There are important differences between Barack Obama and George W. Bush.
Both presidents are basically the same.
Don’t know/Other

Sounds like a loyalty oath to me

And the DUdie

Why the F Not?

goes to

Lowered  Expectations

Are we asking too much of Obama?

Personally, I’d rather see FDR in the White House right now, or JFK, or Lyndon Johnson (minus Vietnam). But Obama is the guy who’s there and I’d sure rather have him in the Oval Office than the war criminals Bush and Cheney.

One isn’t sure

9. to act like a democrat????


But apologists have the talking point ready

15. FUCK YES!!! FDR had a 82% congress, LBJ had a 69 dem% congress, BHO has a 59% dem congress…

…and none of the previous was beholding to filibustering KKKons.HELL FUCK YES we’re asking too much of Obama if we’re not willing to get him a more progressive congress.

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Someone else takes issue

21. I want to make sure I understand what you’re saying.

Did you just say that President Obama, when he was candidate Obama, was not aware of the “30 years of Republican rule” and was caught off guard by what he faced after taking office?Are you saying that he was unaware that the previous (mis)administration left behind a shit-load of land mines?

Are you saying he raised something like $700million in campaign funds to get into an office for which he was unprepared?

Are you saying he didn’t know that racism would be a huge issue in this country were he to become the President?

Are you saying that he wasn’t ready to take all this on when he was elected to office?

Are you really saying he was that ignorant/naive or, pick an adjective?

Please tell me this isn’t how you “defend” the President of the United States.


With only a handful of papers out, this is the tabloids entry – so far:

Rahm exit and unintentionally funny headlines (reminds me of WORM)

WaPo gives us the good news: his replacement is a fixer (and this is different, how?)

The anti-public education documentary is further hyped

and in Florida, hate speech on the radio makes calls on religion banned

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When states bellow Georgia get covered, I’ll update this.


I don’t know if it’s because of tropical storm Nicole or someone just slept late.

I’ll make the entry as soon as they come.

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