From Obama’s Rolling Stone interview

“if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren’t serious in the first place.

I guess they were all racist bible and gun clingers after all. They only appeared to be decent people.

yes, even you creatives, urban, affluent male educated who thought he really really liked you!

More people notice what’s wrong with Obama’s sense of entitlement to people’s votes.

I guess none of us deserve him!


Adding this brilliant commentary at the Confluence

Saint Obama under attack, again, irrationally of course, and again by That section of the formerly not needed Base now newly named “unenthusiastic Democratic voters”. The sins this time, or so the Obama-Biden tale goes, is the groups rejection of Obama as irrational, “inexcusable”, apathetic, not serious, “irresponsible”, and so asleep as to be incapable of grasping Obama’s hard working wonderfulness as real. And as proof of his (Obama) righteous indignation and rant against the Unenthusiastic Democratic voters rejection of his accomplishments as myth, he offers his own checklist which he says he keeps of his campaign promises and by his reality his determination that he has meet about 70 percent of them.

One more thing: When General McChrystal gave his interview to Rolling Stones, a pink slip followed.

Let’s hope Obama keeps this tradition alive.