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The ripple effect of Obama’s attacking  Democrats – now his mouthpieces are taking over

Bill Press slamming “whiney dems.”

Bill has been on a rant this morning about the whining, some callers think it started with the health care Bill, their disappointment over something that was not possible to attain at this time. Great show and good callers. Paraphrasing: If they don’t get off their a$$es and stop their whining and moaning repubs will win the majority. GOTV is key….

One of the professional leftards points to

The politics of fear

As with any other election, each side is trying to scare its adherents into voting for them. The ‘Pugs are using the fear of a black, socialist, Muslim, Kenyan, anti-colonialist to scare their side to the polls. The Dems are using the fear of the ‘Pugs, in their latest reincarnation as whack a doodle Tea Partiers, return to power in order to scare their side to the polls. …
Don’t let FEAR guide your vote, don’t let politicians off that easily. Instead, force them to run on their record, what they have accomplished, not how loudly they can fearmonger.

But most are just fine with fear, as long as it may favor their guys

A lot of joy over evil Rahm leaving, and a new word

Good Riddens ASSHOLE!!!

It was eventually corrected after a picture was drawn,

but still there in the headlines

Obama voters are in a conundrum

First you played the guilt card to get me to vote Democratic this fall

That one will vote but not GOTV

Some answers are funny

14. Yep, let’s vote ’em in just to spite them

I can’t wait to see the contortions they’ll have to do then to pretend they really are our allies. It will rival a Cirque Du Soleil contortionist. Permalink

Uh, I have another one! Let’s buy tickets to the circus, but no go in, to spite them!

The woman questioning Obama is further attacked

64. What’s really hilarious is that you guys act as if any African American critic..

of the Adminstration somehow speaks for all of us. This woman is a CFO, so how many black people, other than her own household, does she speak for?

If she’s “exhausted from defending the president”, I suggest she just STFU, unless she’s also his publicist. Why & where is she defending him? That line was intended to elicit headlines. Mission Accomplished! And now she’ll make the rounds, like Christine O’Donnell, and get her mug on the teevee, and possibly wind up on Dancing With The Stars, ala Bristol Palin.

I hope she gets everything out of this that she desires. Any good CFO, worth his/her salt, knows how to generate income. : ;)

The post where this poster was calling her a “skank” was apparently deleted

Skank? For saying what a lot who have seen their standard of living going down are wondering?

while someone saw Obama laughing at her

2. What i saw was Obama laughing at that woman..I don’t know if it was an embarrassed laugh or not..

Edited on Wed Sep-22-10 11:17 AM by flyarm
sorry I was engaged in a charity event..but What i saw was heart stopping…this woman was very upset and concerned and disenchanted..and I saw Obama laughing….at the podium..and I yelled stop laughing at the TV ..and the people I was with were equally upset about Obama’s laughing.

Am I the only one who saw this???????? Permalink

The Multi-dimensional chess lives!

Maybe it’s better to repeal DADT through congress than with an executive order?

It seems to me that Obama always does things for a reason, and I refuse to believe it’s because he himself is afraid of the political ramifications or that he’s against repealing DADT. Obama is probably the most gay friendly president to ever have been elected.

A deliciously subversive headline

Don’t forget, Republicans also couldn’t do anything without 60 Senate votes!

So stop the sniveling! Our party’s leadership is just as effective as theirs.

:sarcasm:, of course

and another detailing what this was about

In this game of chicken I am betting on the democrats taking the cowardly route

During the Bush administration Republicans packed defense budget bills with things that were in no way related to defense. They got them all through because the democrats were too scared to filibuster a defense spending bill (for a war they said they didn’t support). Now that the Republicans have filibustered this defense bill anyone that knows democrats knows they will be total cowards in this game of chicken and eventually drop the provision.

During the Bush years the democrats didn’t filibuster any defense sending bills along with all these other key Bush policies:

Iraq war
Patriot Act
No Child Left Behind
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
Bankruptcy Reform
Military Commissions

The argument back then was that the republicans had a majority and the democrats couldn’t do anything to stop any of these disastrous policies. Now that republicans are filibustering everything the democrats do what is the argument? Well we can’t do anything about this filibuster so we just have to cave in to their demands.

And I’m supposed to support these fucking assholes? All of this is starting to seem like it’s all for show.

Healthcare was debated again as UK system was brought up

My experience today with the UK health care system

As an American currently living in the UK I stopped into an NHS clinic to see a doctor for medication I take on a regular basis. Clinic hours were 0800-2000, (8 to 8), 365 days a year by appointment or walk-in. I waited 30 minutes to see a doctor and after a consultation and brief exam I had a prescription for the medication I needed. No charge to me at this point. At the pharmacy my prescription took 60 seconds to fill and my cost was 7.20 pounds ($11.25). Cost for the same medication in the US $120. I Wish all Americans could have the same type of health care.

To which the following apology is offered

11. To be fair . . .

Somebody paid for your doctor visit and exam. It just wasn’t you. Likewise, somebody paid for the cost of the medication you received. You paid a small fraction, and somebody else paid the rest.

Note that I am not saying the British system is better or worse than the American system. I am just pointing out that in this kind of anecdote, it is not all smiles and joy, and a complete no-brainer that all countries should switch to the British health care system, because free medical care falls from the sky. Somebody else paid for your medical care. It wasn’t free.

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I bet it was US insurance companies!

Insisting on the right to insult

The proper term is “teabaggers”

And therein lies the problem

I simply don’t understand the logic of some of the complaints about this administration.

And the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to the bashing of the woman who dared ask Obama a question.

as recovered from another site

17. Fuck her. Why does she feel she needs to defend him? Is she his publicist?

I mean, WTF? This skank was a setup, plain and simple. This shit has Alvin Greene written all over it. And the usual suckers fell for it.


The news today is about the GOP’s pledge. The Examiner captures their goal

It seems good enough for voters, because in Nevada, Reid is tied Read the rest of this entry »

I wrote before how Obama is battering the base and expecting submission.

Yesterday, this all happened in an exchange – when the special house bloggers were invited to a special conference call with Axelrod. It’s when one of them – a woman, what would you expect? decided it was all too surreal. From Firedoglake transcript

Madrak asked, “I’m a blogger, and I don’t know if you know this term, but are you familiar with the term hippie-punching?”

There was about a 15-second pause. “Go ahead,” said Axelrod.

She continued. “Liberals and bloggers feel like we’re the girl you take under the bleachers but won’t be seen with in the light of day.” She mentioned a series of incidents where the White House distances themselves from their base, and wondered how that helps Democrats regain enthusiasm from those same people. “We’re not big numbers, but we raise money and we encourage people to vote and get involved. You have to help us help you,”

That in itself was eventful, but the answer is far more significant to me

“Let me say this. I really believe this is the most consequential time in our lifetime… We are in a struggle, we are in a fight. We don’t have to agree, but we all have to lock arms and move forward here.”

Which is a pretty obvious version of W’s “who cares what you think?”

Firedoglake comments

Axelrod tried to make it sound like Madrak was saying she wanted help (I don’t really know what he was intimating here), but Madrak said, “No, I said help us help you. Don’t make our jobs so much harder with these comments.”

But that’s hardly the point. The point is that The White House is taking this bunch for granted to such an extent, they don’t even try to pretend they have anything in common but the goal to win elections.

And that’s all there’s left from the Hopey changey anti-war candidate who was way better than all the others.

Shut up and vote!


The unconditional Obama supporters call this a whine

1. Susie whined.

She was the ‘victim’ and took on none of the responsibility. Some bloggers took a stance early on and don’t want to be called on it…the only thing this does is whip up the opposition.

In an interesting twist, someone compares their comments to the Unabomber manifesto

5. Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful.



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