At least according to this HuffPo headline

The World Watches America’s Disappointment With President Obama In Disbelief

Apparently, the self appointed spokesman for “the world” is lecturing us

Can we continue to blame just one man for all of our woes? Can we expect him to solve all these problems he did not create, and to do so immediately? If we do, are we acting like spoiled children?

Of course, on DU the piece has unanimous approval – even the conditional supporters think this is only about those other guys they call funny names.

24. Take them down BO. Take them down. n/t

Me, I felt moved to write about this as it rang as deja vu.

Nicolae Ceausescu Time 18 March 1966

Back in the old country, in the early 70’s, a ruthless dictator, was basking in the world’s admiration as “The Maverick”

A decade before he destroyed the Romanian economy, Ceauşescu established himself as the West’s favorite Communist leader—largely because he refused to join the countries of the Warsaw Pact in the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia—the increasing repressiveness of his own regime notwithstanding

Obama’s international popularity – if the author is right, is about as warranted as his Nobel peace prize.

And “the world” is bound to become as embarrassed about its swooning as they were with Ceausescu as history settles accounts.

Truth is a daughter of time after all.

Meanwhile, “the world” should mind its own business and STFU.

We get enough contempt and  talk down from your beloved