These days I have been so turned off by “tea bagger”, “retards” and other arrogant name calling that I eventually had to look in the mirror. It does not help my credibility if I also call large groups of people names.

It’s been a long time I replaced “repukes” with “R”s, but for the past few years I have been proud to have created “B0bots” – and in my DUdies entries – “fluffers” .

Let me say from the start – funny names are not necessarily objectionable per se. Politicians, celebrities some times earn those and can bear them. People don’t.

Jr.jr is a shorthand for a lot of history: W hated being called that, because of his daddy issues, so of course we adopted it. Obama is continuing his policies, hence jr.jr.

Tweety as another example – also stays – as it comes from Chris Mathews employees – trying to guess the name of his new hair color.

What I can no longer stand – from anyone – is using names for large portions of the population in other words, mocking voters.

“the bitter, uneducated, racist women

“the libtards” (from the other side)

the retards” (Rahm)

“professional left” (Gibs)

My own “professional leftards” is meant to satirize the name callers, not Obama’s critics from the left. So – it stays.

But B0bots have to go. Too bad, as I still have a tag, and it is short hand for a lot. But it drags down my own credibility the same way “tea baggers” drags theirs. B0botland has to go by association.

So, I’ll be more literal: Obama’s voters. Obama’s 2008 voters.

Fluffers is even more objectionable, reeking even more of “tea baggers”. That shall become “Obama’s supporters”. Obama’s unconditional supporters. And where the case may be, Obama’s operatives or propagandists.

I shall try to stick to this, but if I falter due to old habits, I ask my readers to call me on it – I’ll correct it.