The second part of operation mock and shock seems to be deploying now

Like an abusive husband, coming home with some wilted flowers found in the garbage and demanding from his victims: “I hope you’ll be nice to me”

White House hopes to get liberals in line for November elections

So that’s where all the hope went then?

Mind you, there’s no effort whatsoever going in realizing this hope. On the contrary

White House officials said there was not a concerted effort to reign in the base last week. Gibbs noted that Biden’s appearance had been rescheduled from an earlier cancellation and said Obama is not tailoring his message toward liberals.

“Look, the president is going to make an appeal in this election season to everybody in this country, not — not just one political party or not just one ideological bend,” Gibbs said Friday.

And I hope by now the professional leftards understood that Gibbs speaks for Obama as his job description requires.

Apparently, the article lists a few gestures made towards liberals though. One of them is airlocking Warren.

Another is that Biden stint on Maddow show

Biden went as far as to go on to the professional left’s turf, appearing on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC Wednesday and telling “our progressive base… you should not stay home.”

You know, the one Gibbs  explained it was a rescheduling. But the most precious “effort” described in the article

But recent remarks from the president and vice president illustrate that both men see the support of disappointed liberals as important to retaining the House and Senate come November.

At a fundraiser in Connecticut on Thursday night, Obama joked that Democrats “just congenitally, tend to see the glass as half empty.

So. you see, leftards? he actually mentioned you for a few laughs. Now be grateful and go volunteer.

B0bots mumble and grumble then promise to fall in line. Some however see something wrong in the expectation

. hopes to get liberals in line ?


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while the operatives give them the PUMA treatment

14. The ones that feign outrage at every little thing don’t count.

They’re not going to support Democrats regardless. They’re just going to take their ball and go home. Permalink

Got it?


here he goes again

President Obama to Frustrated Liberals: ‘Wake Up! This Is Not Some Academic Exercise!’

Another fundraiser with rich people, another mockery

He criticized Democrats who complain that “the health care plan didn’t have a public option,” or say to him, “’You ended the war in Iraq but haven’t completely finished the Afghan war yet.’”

His message to them: “Folks wake up! This is not some academic exercise. As Joe Biden put it, Don’t compare us to the Almighty, compare us to the alternative.”

I am not very versed in religion, but the alternative to Almighty would be….Satan?

“Better than Satan” – the new “D” slogan?