If it’s Friday, it’s time for the DUdies!

B0bot complains his kid didn’t get the chance to listen to Obama’s speech

My sons 7th grade teacher didnt show Obama’s Back To School Speech

In the ocean of outrage one common sense comment surptises:

28. I think there’s something creepy about showing President’s speeches in class

I went to both parochial and public schools in the mid 50s through the 1960s.Never once was there a reason for a sitting president’s speech to be broadcast at the beginning of the school year.

I imagine in China the kiddies had to listen to a back to school address by Dear Leader during the Cultural Revolution. And I’m fairly certain in dictatorships the schools are made to focus on ‘El Presidente’.

But I don’t think it works in America.

If you doubt me, who the heck would have wanted their kids subjected to a mandatory speech by President Nixon or President Reagan?

Smell the CDS!

We’re quickly heading towards zero major gay accomplishments by the Obama administration this term

4. That’s not addressing anything

That’s caterwauling.The bill would have been MAJOR Gay Legislation under Hillary too. And the difference is, the bill WOULD HAVE been major gay legislation under HILLARY by the mere fact the diva did it.

Sick Of This Shit.

If FDR had the New Deal and Truman had the Fair Deal, Obama has the Big Fuckin’ Deal.
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After primaries that had GOP outnumbering Dems in turnout, here’s one reaction

Millions of repubs are having severe mental breakdowns cause there’s a black man in the white house

Self-congratulations ensue.

More jubilation

I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Give A HEARTY THANK YOU To The TEA BAGGERS!!!!!!!!!

one of the fluffers asks the professional leftards

*** POLL *** Democrats, do you envy the Republicans?

These are the options:

Yes, I wish real Democrats could actually use primaries to push the party their way as well as Repukes do with their primaries —


No, I’m willing to suck it up and accept the Ben Nelsons and other blue dogs of this world.

While another polls the opposite

How’s that talking point on the ”professional left” holding up?

The bottom line is, does the ”professional left” more or less reflect what Democratic voters feel or are they way out of line?

Pretty Nance comes from her hidey hole in Canada

to deliver an ultimatum for the fluffers

You’re either with the Democratic Party, or you’re against it.

Pick. A. Fuckin’. Side.

Swooning ensues. (those who didn’t were deleted). One of the survivors:

31. Reading this, I kept thinking I was reading something from False News. Permalink


As I read this response, you are suggesting that this person leave DU and go elsewhere, to “websites/messageboards that may be more in sync” with his/her opinions.

Who are you, Nance Greggs, to invite others who do not agree with you to leave DU?

A mark of intelligence is to be able to hold two conflicting thoughts in your mind at the same time, and not feel forced to choose one or the other, but to honestly reflect on both, and stay neutral, rather than picking a “fucking side,” until an honest decision is made without pressure from outside forces.

Fanaticism has many faces.


Did I mention Pretty Nancy has a shout out for us too?

“I told you so” may warrant kudos on certain websites, populated by those who deem themselves to be (despite all numbers to the contrary), the “real voice” of the Party – as though there is some victory to be found in the defeat of those who purport to be the “base” thereof.

Because truth now is determined by polling

Since Bots think all the merriment for the logo comes from Republicans let me start the topic with one of their creations

And now, B0bots’ turn:

“The announcement was a logo!” – What the Democratic opposition *wants* you to believe

Quotes from Free Republic follow – THEY think it’s a logo – but a headline from The Examiner (RW) sheds light on the real meat

Chairman Kaine Unveils Democrat’s New Logo and Website

See that kids? “And website”

.Also, only a freeper would see an Obama suggestion

Freeper has also been drumming up new conspiracy theories about the logo being an Obama reference. What is it with Republicans and circles? Remember the Missile Defense logo? Or the Nuclear Summit Logo?

One offers a different conspiracy theory

4. The freepers got that “its just a logo” from a DU member that posted on that this morning.

Not sure they would have even thought of that if they hadn’t have been reading DU.Permalink

Because we all know, DU is where human thought first took shape.

11. So all the republicans are freaking out about the logo…

and, coincidentally I’m sure, so are all the people who freaked out about that Republican troll that got caught at DailyKos.

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In another discussion on DNC’s major announcement.

Someone misses the old logo

108. The old logo was Muscular and Bold…the new one is tiny and amorphous…

Old Logo:

New One:

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The resemblance to Obama’s logo is a topic (must be freepers!)

23. I didn’t even think of that, which makes the redesign worse, imo

The Party is not about one man (or one woman), it is about everyone. The President was never supposed to become such a powerful and overwhelming office, that’s what the checks and balances were for.
“You’re just a bundle of post-pubesecent Caucasian hetero energy, true dat.”

29. I hope not. I’d really hate for the party to build its brand around one person.

25. the logo is certainly an echo of his campaign

Interesting for our national party to so embrace the presidency with their appeal. Bold gambit, even though nationalizing state and local elections can be risky. I wonder if we’ve seen this level of co-opting before. It’s been a staple of republicans to mesh their party appeal with their president’s. (sic)

On the Warren waffle, fluffer declares

There really is no *HONEST* way to spin the Warren announcement as a bad thing

Lots of “name removed” prove the point.

So someone else starts a new thread answering it

Warren was *not* appointed to run CFPB

And the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to the DU-centric paranoia of this post, ignoring the Kos hoax revelation

4. The freepers got that “its just a logo” from a DU member that posted on that this morning.

Not sure they would have even thought of that if they hadn’t have been reading DU.Permalink

Adding a second, honorary DUdie for Skinner,

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who has dispensed with the appearance of neutrality

4. Ruh-roh!

Someone said something positive about the new DNC website!

But… But… Tim Kaine was supposed to announce a New Deal, not a New Website!!!!1111  Permalink