TOTUS sighting during press conference  infuriates fluffers

Fri Sep-10-10 11:08 AM
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13. They showed the words on the teleprompter TWICE so far on CNN while
he’s speaking. :eyes:
“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”-Obama quoting Mark Twain

from the presser:

Obama: “One of the things that I most admired about President Bush was”

of course fluffers approve

35. he is trying to open the mind of old Bush supporters

its a persuasive method to quote someone they trust.Permalink

And another hit from the presser (with the fluffers)

“I’ve got Muslims who are fighting in Afghanistan…”

One dares

2. Actually, the “I’ve got…” bothered me.

I wish he would of said “We’ve got…”

Otherwise – great comments.

A clever comment on the topic du jour

I will be burning 1000 copies of Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard on Saturday, September 11th.

I expect a personal call from a member of the White House cabinet and a public comment from President Obama on the matter.

Few get it

3. Xenu will not be happy…

…and according to many in our media you should be stopped from burning this sacred Dianetics book.

I predict thousands of Scientologists out in the streets rioting and threatening to kill people for your blasphemous crime!

Also, many people will feel the need to explain that it isn’t just Scientologists that blow up stuff and attack people when their holy book is destroyed – Christians do it too, well, almost, but not quite, but they get mad and scary which is nearly as bad and makes them equally crazy! Permalink

Here’s an interesting question:

Why is the Left of 2010 harder on President Obama than the left of 1994 was on President Clinton?

Thing is, I don’t remember anyone during Clinton complaining the left was too hard – which pretty much answers the question.

lots of bots blame the internet. Some truth peeks through:

7. Maybe because Clinton spent a ton of political capital attempting to –

bring forward a decent health care reform bill and even more political capital on pushing for gays to serve openly in the military. His biggest enemy on both – arrogant Democratic Senators who wanted to show the hayseed he wasn’t nothin’.

But those on the left (base) got what he was doing. We understood where his heart was and most importantly – we knew he was really a Democrat being pushed around by his own party’s elected federal officials. We knew he was working hard. We knew he was filled with passion for what government could do. Also, he had an over-arching narrative to his Presidency – he was working for the American people. Something Obama has yet to communicate.

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and a bit here

50. because Obama had much larger majorities in Congress

and a mandate – a majority win (rather than a plurality like Clinton) in an election where he ran as a change agent.

Many on the left, and in fact many Democrats, saw a real opportunity to reverse the hard rightward shift of Bush, who not only didn’t have a mandate, but didn’t even win the election in 2000.

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And a title that reminds me of Rudy & the freepers 9 years ago (the rest is just photos)

On This 9/11 – We Are SO Lucky To Have THIS MAN As President

Sure, cuz if it were someone else, we might have wars, unemployment and incidents of hatred. Oh, wait. Look at the pretty pictures.

Bob Herbert is discussed

Bob Herbert: Democrats facing an election debacle because they didn’t respond to peoples dire needs

and dismissed

15. I read his crap and I felt it was RW CRAP….I don’t give a fuck about his history

The DEMs are doing fine and gonna sweep the floor in NOV

I had enough of this tearing down our odds in Nov
Where is Heberts solutions if he is so fucking smart…? Permalink

In another discussion of Bob Herbert’s article about Dems going back to trickle down

a potential DUdie

1. I suppose if Capitan Smith had kept the Titanic afloat…

The passengers would have thrown him and the crew overboard.Permalink

someone tries to ‘splain it slowly

10. The issue is NOT people being ungrateful

To frame it that way is insulting to most of those the OP speaks of and forfeits any chance of winning those people over.

And no, nobody would have thrown the captain of the Titanic overboard if he’d avoided the sinking, so the FIRST part of the analogy doesn’t work, either.

until other fluffers take over the thread.

Amazingly, today this is the most popular thread over there

Chris Hedges: Do No Pity the Democrats (Fear the underlying corporate power structure)

And the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to the voter blaming mindblowing analogy

1. I suppose if Capitan Smith had kept the Titanic afloat…

The passengers would have thrown him and the crew overboard.Permalink