Today, a somewhat uncomfortable looking young man, offered me an election flyer.

There are 2 remarkable things about that:

1. I live in  East Village NYC – the bluest of the blue places on earth

2. The flyer was for a Republican.

To get the proper perspective, here’s an old story:

A few years ago, when it was W making a joke of his party, I was at a fair upstate.

Everyone knows upstate NY is the redder part of NY.

A woman was shaking hands and giving flyers for her campaign as a judge. I notice that the party affiliation was missing so I asked her. She found 5 ways to evade my question but my persistence made her admit she was a Republican. My question “why are you ashamed of it” went without answer.

Fast forward to today, 18 months since Obama has been taking down the Democratic party (I almost said “his party” but caught myself)

Republicans feel they can give flyers in East Village, NY.

Years ago, it was barely conceivable that a Republican would even run for Attorney General in NY.

This leaflet was for a primary. There were two of them running.

The one promoted was boasting being a life-time Republican and endorsed by the RNC.

The opponent was undesirable because he was a life time Democrat who changed his affiliation after he started his run.

This was the first time I was given a Republican leaflet.

Republicans I might have seen before (Bloomberg’s people) never revealed their party affiliation..

I threw away my leaflet.

Not so other people.

My, how the times have changed.