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3. Sadly, he failed to send a message to the “retaliators”

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It is regrettable that the President made this statement without apparently even acknowledging that Jones’ right to free speech means that he cannot be stopped from expressing his idiotic religious views and publicly insulting the Koran and Islam.

Why this bothers me is this: Obama and anyone with an internet connection knows now that the Muslim world is being told that this planned Koran burning could be stopped by the U.S government — if it wanted to — so that when the burning event takes place — and it looks like it certainly will — Muslims will see it as an insult from all Americans, an insult that must be retaliated.

The only way to counter this propaganda is to start making it clear now that, in America, freedom of speech trumps the right of anyone, Muslims included, not to be offended. That’s what America is, freedom means idiots are free to express themselves in idiotic and offensive ways.

Yet so far, everyone in the administration from Obama on down have talked about tolerance, which is fine, but no-one in the administration (that I can see) has yet acknowledged the reality about freedom of speech, or countered the claim that the government could stop Jones if it wanted to.

So when do you think it might be appropriate, Mr. President, to start to tell it like it is? After the embassies are ablaze?

Soon a piece of news confirmed the poster’s expectations

Call Emerges for “Burn the Stars and Stripes Day”

I’m sure this guy won’t be convinced that American free speech laws means any nutjob gets to insult any religion they choose to insult, but what about the rest of the Muslim world?

When do American leaders (like the President) start to explain and defend freedom of speech?

It’s time stop trying to beg Jones to stop, and time to start explaining how freedom of speech means that no religion is protected from criticism and even insult.


federal agents descend on the dissenter.

FBI agents visited Thursday with a minister of a small Florida church that plans to burn the Quran on Sept. 11, as public safety became a paramount concern and President Barack Obama added his voice to the chorus of opposition.

I suppose these were “the better angels” Obama referred to.

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