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One of the fluffers sells a Kos Diary

“Let me explain something to you about Obama”

Hi Daily Kos, Canadian living in Korea here. I think it might be a good time to pen my thoughts on the US and President Obama, as I might be able to offer a bit more objective and unbiased view from over here.

…..I think if I had to characterize Obama’s governance in a single sentence it would be this: “Begin with an ideal, analyze the situation, and then move as close as possible to that ideal as the current situation will allow”.

Swooning follows. One comment stands out

4. A Canadian living in Korea…

…who enjoys Universal Health Care and thinks Obama begins with an Ideal.

Now THERE’S an opinion worth pondering. Permalink

In a thread on a NYT article fluffers take charge


Fewer Young Voters See Themselves as Democrats (vs.

‘the jury is still out’). So which is it? Seems the nyt has their own spin.

several posts confirm the article until a fluffer calls for the law enforcement

“I am staying home this election…and apparently so many others”.

Is this really okay with the admins here? I mean, seriously? These suppression tactics are to be expected from the right, but to use a “democratic” board to declare that you’ve dropped out is beyond ludicrous as well as inflammatory.

Since you’re “staying home”, there’s not much point in your being at DU any longer, unless you have a more nefarious agenda, right? This just shouldn’t be allowed here.

an interesting topic is voted down into oblivion

Obama hasn’t done more for gay rights than Clinton did

Hurricane of CDS follows

But no CDS here

The only bad thing having Hillary Secretary Of State is she CAN’T get out and campaign

In a discussion of Krugman’s article on the perils of  compromise

Krugman: minimal steps are just a way of guaranteeing a devastating defeat

. the discontent is everywhere. Like this response to a fluffer

7. Krugman must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

He’s either hot or cold…and always thinks he’s right. This isn’t one of his better days.

119. He tends to be right far more than wrong. And admits if he is wrong.

He’s not, unfortunately.

And I am sick-to-fucking death of “chill the fuck out, I’ve got it,” or “…playing three dimensional chess,” or “…inherited the biggest set of problems.”

President Barrack H. Obama came legally and honestly to the Presidency of the United States with one of the biggest advantages: the will and support of the people. We were promised hope and change. We received nope and change from a buck stopping somewhere else. This President was handed a ready-equipped bully pulpit from a nation craving a new direction. The only thing President Obama has used the bully pulpit for is to wave to his supporters, many of which are now wondering where is the man they believed in and elected to office. And make no mistake, George W. Bush* was not a tough act to follow. Or so we thought. Permalink

Another fluffer’s post is designated MOAF (Mother of all facepalms) so I’ll reproduce it

Krugman’s an idiot

He lives in a fantasy world surrounded by the rich, famous, and influential, and can see nothing from the point of view of the average person. It is no wonder that he doesn’t get it, no matter how wildly he flails in trying. Permalink

along with another reply

8. Stop living on Planet Bush

It went extinct a few years ago and Planet Obama is about to do the same.

Krugman was dead right about Bush and has been dead right about Obama’s inept economic team and their bad decisions. Permalink

Gee, where were those wise people 2 years ago when Krugman was excoriating Obama on calling Social Security an entitlement, and his reagan love? Oh, yeah, they were in unison with the fluffers then, attacking Krugman.But now?

64. Krugman is just jealous because Obama is so devastatingly attractive.

No, seriously, that was a common attack against Krugman around here at one time. Permalink


69. No, I am absolutely serious.

The argument ran that Krugman is geeky and not terribly handsome, so he must be jealous of the president, who surely had no trouble getting dates back when he was college, and that is why K. thought the stimulus needed to be structured differently.

The standards of discourse at this place really fell into the basement during the primaries. Sometimes I feel like I am at a Jonas Brothers fanboard.

Meanwhile, the Queen of the damned is trying to flog the sheep into voting by appealing to spite

What Republicans are saying about the Disappointed, Disillusioned, Depressed Democratic Voters

who normally vote, but may simply just stay home this election season?

Lots of graphics, animated of not of gee, applause follow. No text.

but its another comment of hers that makes the DU-die (thanks cj) In a discussion on the Hillary and she offers

29. If Democrats want to see millions of Black folks not voting in 2012?
Well, just run Hillary.
The message that many will get will be loud and clear, if it isn’t already.

Panic over elections predictions

WHAT?!?!? Larry Sabato predicts the GOP picking up *47* House seats when they only need 39.

but some see the chess play in this


Has Obama Adopted a Scorched-Earth Policy for the 2010 Midterms?

2. Yes, was part of my point… ironically a Repug congress will be bad for America

but might be very good for Obama.


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Jim Sagle (1000+ posts) Sun Sep-05-10 06:13 AM
Response to Original message

3. Yes he has – scorched earth toward the Democrats

although one actually sees the flaw in the plan

9. President Clinton Won Re-Election Because He Had An Economic Headwind At His Back

He would have beat any Republicant.

If the economy still sucks in 012 it’s going to be an uphill battle for President Obama.God help us.Permalink

CDS naturally follows.

Fluffers in overdrive

God bless and protect our President and his family.

Only one sane person dares to comment

7. Please move this to Religion/Theology.


but gets lost

13. I’m an atheist too, but i find myself praying for his safety all the time

while the rest wonder off

Is this president drifting even farther to the right-of-center almost by the day, or is it just

my idea of the center is out of way out of whack? :shrug:

But the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to this message delivered not by an unemployed person, but someone with a job as a political hack


Please vote Dem this November. Many people, including a number fo(sic) fellow DUers, are depending on loyal Dem voters to come to the polls. Thank you.

Exactly who died and put this person in charge of speaking for the jobless?


Obama’s job plan makes news …in Argentine (here, only a few papers cover it)

Less risk of opposition there

ME peace happenings from Israel

and Lebanon

Strikes in Europe

Click here to add text
Click here to add text

and natural disasters aftermath

In Australia

and New Zealand


Elections are upon us, and they are focused on jobs

which is why suddenly Obama cares about them

and GOP mocks the plan

I am sure they’ll like this one better

And we could use the money to bail Afghanistan forever too


No wonder that every vote this election will be contrarian


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