Nothing to see here. BP poisoning the waters with Corexit is a conspiracy too

So posts objecting to the use of dispersants are now moved to the 9/11 Forum?????

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and a little nostalgia

What was your favorite memorabilia from the 2008 election? And do you still look at it everyday?

with some fantasy mixed in

6. Memories of a clean campaign that I managed

My candidate never uttered a negative word about any of his opponents, and never said anything that was not demonstrably true. We made lots of friends and met many interesting people.

We spent the least amount of money among six candidates, and got by far the most votes per dollar spent on the campaign.

And as for Teh Gays

More fierce advocating! “‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ feedback sought from spouses”

WTF business is it of theirs?

Why is it any of their concern? What is he going to do next, send surveys to whoever the soldiers took to their high school proms?

Does anybody see how fucking degrading that is to us? OMG how will you be impacted by having nasty dirty homos serving next to you, Mr. Soldier? And you Mrs. Soldier’s Wife? Kiddies? Household pets? You have an opinion too… After all, this is always about how the existence of Teh Gays affects everyone else.

“Fierce Advocate” my fucking ass. :rant:


Fluffers smear Wikileaks

Are Wikileaks Activists Finally Realizing Their Founder Is a Megalomaniac?

baseless Gawker article is linked. Most call it fowl but other fluffers get in

7. Because stealing classfied documents and publishing them is perfectly legal. Permalink

which gets replied

9. Why should that excuse a false accusation of rape?

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Fri Aug-27-10 05:40 PM
Response to Reply #7
10. Wikileaks didn’t steal them….
someone gave them to them, and just like NYT with the Pentagon Papers, they ran with them.
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B0bots ponder Beck’s rally
Best Photo of All Time

Valid concern gets dismissed

Anyone else faintly chilled at the numbers of people at the Beck rally?

while the most popular thread counteracts the chill with other orchestrate events photos – Obama’s

Impressed by Beck’s attendance? I got some pictures for you. . .

photos from other well financed, choreographed events such as the stadium speech and the inauguration follow

which was addressed here

It was two years ago tonight,

The most exciting thing I have ever witnessed. The Democratic Convention at Mile High Stadium.

Just where is that hope, enthusiasm and excitement now?

best answer

6. It’s been sucked up by 310 million tits.

and a very good question

This fucking shit pisses me off! Where the hell is OUR rally? Why

do these right-wing fuckers always get to be center stage? Where are our rallies? Who’s speaking for us?

Funny how Sharpton is not even mentioned – even as the press covered this as “dueling rallies”

and going as far as

About ready to bail

I don’t know folks, today’s Glenn Beck rally just about did it.

Let’s not downplay the size of the crowd – it was humongous. Lot of people out there amenable to Beck’s message. But what is that message? Unite and pray more.

Well what the hell does that mean?….

While anger makes race-baiting sweet

Dear Beck Followers, Your President Is An African American. Get The Fuck Over It.

Marching won’t change his race.

Dear B0bots: you have exhausted this topic in 2008. Flinging it now won’t change how people feel about Obama. Or you.

BW.gif picture by Edgeoforever

Meanwhile, Mr Meow Mix Jr keeps hitting Social Security with all the wingnut talking points

) Stop pretending. Abolish the regressive Social Security tax.

Replace it with a progressive tax structure and make the payouts income based. No more taking from poor workers and giving to retired millionaires.


6. The problem is that it’s the most unfair, regressive tax in America.

….The other issue is that the huge baby boom generation is getting ready to retire. That places a larger tax burden on younger workers, who are smaller in number than the boomers. That threatens government’s ability to take from social security and fund other parts of the budget because not as much surplus SS tax income will be available. Permalink

and check the responses to Quote of the Day

OBAMA “I’m making decisions that are not necessarily good for the nightly news & next election, but

for the next generations.”

— President Obama, in an interview on NBC News.…

This is the bestthat got B0bots angry

46. That is an astonishingly delusional and egotistical thing to say…

It is a democracy of sorts, or doesn’t that matter?

The statement is either very defensive (“I am no good at explaining anything”), very elitist (“nobody at present is able to understand my BIG wisdom”) or, it is simply wrong. It also echoes Bush on Iraq and the “War on Terror”.

In any case, this ain’t any kind of “man of the people” talk.

“History will prove me right, even though you don’t get it”…

Yeah, sure.

thatsracistgm7.gif picture by Robbedvoter

Trying to   select the race cards

What is and isn’t evidence of racism in attacks against Obama.

it’s an honorable attempt but gives raise to answers like this one

“Thus, calling Obama a socialist is not evidence of racism.” I disagree

We have a long-standing tradition in this country of assuming that all blacks are commies.

Yup. Marx, Engels, Lenin and the Rosenbergs. All black.  Ah, 2008 will never really go away.

and the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to this answer to the question

Where did the “Yes We Can” spirit go?

19. The left killed it


Adding injury to insult.