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Dear Skinner, DU Admins, Mods, posters and friends

I will admit that DU has changed for me. I will admit that the primary season hurt me very deeply. To witness the ugly overt actions of some who banded together to harass some to the point where they got themselves banned was unbearable. I said that I was never going to donate to a place that would allow so much hurt to their members. I realized though that I got right down in the dirt too and I said and did some ugly things as well. From then on DU wasn’t the same for me. Everyone was accusing everyone who didn’t agree with them of being a troll and from there it just went down hill. Yes this place is a mess but in being a participating member I realized that I had a huge part in creating the mess

So, it ends in an act of contrition and with a plea to donate. But at least some acknowledgement of what went wrong. And some more light later

15. I will admit finding out I was on that banning list stung. But hey those are the


And here’s DU’s own poll tax

This thread is a presidential approval poll that you can only vote in if you donate.

one comment

4. No star, no voice?

I’ve been on DU since 2001 and can’t donate this time because I’ve been unemployed since Nov. 2008. Because of that I feel marginalized everywhere else in my life, so why not here, too. Permalink

In the same vein, trying to restrict the rec/unrec

I just had a thought about the rec/unrec feature:

1. Only members can use it. Do you mean contributors? nt

and once this bought, someone calls it

26. How about just wealthy, white, male landowners?

It’s the American way!

this post in the  “Please vent and donate thread”

821. Skinner if you were lucky enough to meet the President

would you proudly tell him you run the Democratic Underground and offer to show him your website?

A few good comments to it, best one being

1207. Wow, that’s creepy, authoritarian, and totally obsequious. And more than a little weird.

Open opportunism. Amazing. I also detect a veiled threat in there…

In the Duh department

Elisabeth Hasselbeck to the left of Obama on marriage equality

and new sources of amazement are added

11. Laura Bush and Cindy McCain are pro marriage equality

Cindy even did a Stop H8 poster.

TED “EVIL” OLSON is for marriage equality. Darth Cheney is. And now HASSELBECK IS?!


And this important piece from David Swanson was written in response tho this POS from Mr MeowMix Jr

he ends his “I told you so” with

I suspect I’ll be posting another one of these when the deficit commission makes their recommendations.

Time to have a little accountability for the actual professional left.

Swanson response:

Sorry for Calling Obama a Liar on Iraq … Too Soon

……In fact, Obama is escalating troop presence in Afghanistan, while somewhat reducing it in Iraq, even though Iraq is no more peaceful or stable than Afghanistan. The different approaches are all about US politics and the stories the US corporate media and Democratic loyalists allow to be told.

Lindorff appears to have doubts that the complete withdrawal from Iraq by the end of 2011 will happen on schedule, or ever. I predicted as much the day Bush and Maliki announced the treaty, and I suggested that anyone who took it seriously should have a talk with some Native Americans. I’ve learned my lesson, however, and will never object to the continued presence into 2012 before it’s 2012. That just wouldn’t be appropriate.

In the yeay! Healthcare! department

$90 copay on a $110 prescription

Up from $10 last month.

Remind me again which part of the Obama Healthcare Bill will fix this?

Is it the part where the government is prohibited from negotiating lower drug prices?

Is it the part where we can’t import cheaper drugs from Canada?

Is it the part where the drug companies get to hold monopolies for 12 years on their most expensive products?

Ah, those professional leftis dreaming of their Canadian plan! Look, here’s a Canadian now:

1. What the hell is a copay?!? It’s Good to be Canadian!

I actually had to use the dictionary to look it up…lol..

Wow, each point you made is crazy! Even when it goes into affect in 4 years none of those things iwll be resolved. Seems the best option is to either marry up with a Canadian or leave the country, or as the republicans say: “if you get sick…die quickly”.

Fluffers of course reply with a list of recently corrupt names

14. Bernie Sanders didn’t think it was that bad

nor did Russ Feingold,
nor did Alan Grayson,
nor did Dennis Kucinich.

But I guess they’re all corporate-owned huh? :eyes:

and no one dares to say – yes, they are now.

Later, we see the new improved DU at work: everyone who contradicts NJ Maverick’s lie gets deleted

It’s funny I had the exact opposite happen NJmaverick Aug-21-10 12:11 PM #54
Deleted message Name removed Aug-21-10 12:51 PM #56
Hmm… what company and policy type do you have? jgraz Aug-21-10 02:23 PM #68
Should I post my SS# and credit card # as well? NJmaverick Aug-21-10 08:33 PM #106
Deleted message Name removed Aug-21-10 08:58 PM #109
No, just the insurance company and policy type, as I posted in #33 jgraz Aug-21-10 09:03 PM #110
That plan talks about a $20 co pay NJmaverick Aug-21-10 09:06 PM #111
I’m sorry. Did you say you switched insurance companies?? jgraz Aug-22-10 01:01 AM #119
And likely your deductible quadrupled and your benefits coverage shrank. n/t keepCAblue Aug-21-10 03:06 PM #81
Deleted message Name removed Aug-21-10 03:43 PM #89
Deleted message Name removed Aug-21-10 03:53 PM #90
What are you trying to say f boy? NJmaverick Aug-21-10 08:36 PM #107
Deleted message

353535.gif image by Edgeoforever

In the “No shit, Sherlock” department

President Obama warns of ‘corporate takeover’ of democracy

someone is competing with my awards

4. The “Duh!” award this week goes to…..

Almost as clueless as this response to the question

Who orchestrated the Wikileaks Rape Charge?

The options being with or without the US government. This fluffer could only come up with

1. KKKarl Rove

he has much to lose from the truth.

Indeed. And almost as convenient as the accusations of Wikileaks of crimes itself.

And the DUdie

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goes to this post in the  “Please vent and donate thread”

821. Skinner if you were lucky enough to meet the President

would you proudly tell him you run the Democratic Underground and offer to show him your website?

along with this donor stickie