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Dear Skinner, DU Admins, Mods, posters and friends

I will admit that DU has changed for me. I will admit that the primary season hurt me very deeply. To witness the ugly overt actions of some who banded together to harass some to the point where they got themselves banned was unbearable. I said that I was never going to donate to a place that would allow so much hurt to their members. I realized though that I got right down in the dirt too and I said and did some ugly things as well. From then on DU wasn’t the same for me. Everyone was accusing everyone who didn’t agree with them of being a troll and from there it just went down hill. Yes this place is a mess but in being a participating member I realized that I had a huge part in creating the mess

So, it ends in an act of contrition and with a plea to donate. But at least some acknowledgement of what went wrong. And some more light later

15. I will admit finding out I was on that banning list stung. But hey those are the


And here’s DU’s own poll tax

This thread is a presidential approval poll that you can only vote in if you donate.

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4. No star, no voice?

I’ve been on DU since 2001 and can’t donate this time because I’ve been unemployed since Nov. 2008. Because of that I feel marginalized everywhere else in my life, so why not here, too. Permalink

Since the news here are scarce I went wider today – at least to the papers I could understand the headlines. Interesting to see what’s missing home:

Wilileaks story is on page one in Italy


and while on the subject, this is the tabloid which was given the smear – still has something on it today

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