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Poor White House! Frustrations never end!

White House frustrated with gay bloggers

and some priceless replies

1. I’ll donate $25 to DU if you go one week without finding new, obscure ways to bash Obama

and to it

9. I’ll donate $25 to DU if you start caring about equal rights…

..as much as you care about protecting a politician.

B0bots draw yet another line in the sand

If the Democrats dare to make ONE cut to social security

The party will be dead to me and it should be that way to ever self respecting liberal, leftist and/or democrat.

If these corporate wall street pocket lined hacks screw with it, I will HOPE they lose a majority for eons to come. I will not only hope they are never entrusted with the reigns of power EVER again. I will work MY ASS off to see to it. Because, at that point, truly, what would be the difference between a DEM and Repugnican?

There will be NOTHING, that will make me be a member of the Democratic Party again. NOTHING.

And call me a hater, call me a repugnican, call me a liar, call me a purist, call me the fuck whatever.

This commission on SS is looking for cuts. It seems we can’t even get the head of the DCCC to make a pledge to no cuts in SS. JESUS H FUCKIN CHRIST!

And on the subject, please note the comments of Radical Activist

Radical Activist Donating Member (1000+ posts)  Journal Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author's profile Click to add this author to your buddy list Click to add this author to your Ignore list Mon Aug-16-10 09:55 PM
Response to Original message
19. I suspect party leaders know how unpopular it would be.
Even Alan Simpson repeatedly says they aren’t cutting it.

But as long as we’re dealing in speculation… If Pujols leaves the Cardinals he’s dead to me!!!

They are especially relevant in light of this revelation from Old Elm Tree

DU’s Radical Activist’s father is exec of Cat Food Commission

or as they call him Mr Meow Mix

The son actually gave us notice in his profile too

Hobby: Confusing others

Tom Tomorrow creates a new icon for B0botland

Tom Tomorrow: Afghanistan-We must stay the course-Only a frivolous nincompoop could disagree.

6. The minute I saw that toon, I knew

DU had a new icon.

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained. -Mark Twain
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Response to Reply #6
7. Me Three! LOL!

I suspect we will have some relevant posts by a Loco on the new mascot.

and a very naughty comment

3. i’ll take tom tomorrow over obama any day of the week.

With Obama bragging he won’t privatize Social Security, here’s a poll

What are your “acceptable” cuts to Social Security?

and here’s a tongue in cheek comment that will be lost on some

14. I trust Obama to make the right decision. If he wants to reduce social security payments,

raise the retirement age, transform public schools by creating private charters, replace our troops in Iraq with private contractors, expand our much needed military adventures in Afghanistan, keep the Pakistani terrorists in line with our impressive predator drones, and keep the teachers unions in line–(there needs to be a balance of power after all!!!) I’m sure there’s a lot less torture at Bagram Airfield Theatre now that Obama’s in charge. For all we know, he probably shut it down. He has very good judgement, you know. I think Gitmo is still open. But it is much more humane now. I hear they have Popcorn Thursdays and Twister Mondays. (How bad can it be?)

I don’t get all these people who are so angry with Obama for doing what needs to be done. If we don’t take the Republicans positions, the Republicans will take the Republicans positions and then we’ll never get important bills like the Healthcare Private Insurance Mandate through congress.

I like Obama’s puppy. And he is our most handsome president ever. If he has to attack social security, I, for one, am prepared to suffer.


On the many “mishun accomplished” in Iraq threads, one cheerleadr gets cute

Don’t let me down, DUers–give me a reason to feel shitty about the troops leaving Iraq

One of course needs to go to other discussions for that

by what rationale are the remaining troops not ‘combat’ troops?

Do they still have guns and hummers and shit?

and even more so

1000 New Combat Troops About to Head to Iraq from Ft. Hood

The 3rd ACR is a COMBAT REGIMENT. They have the one of the highest number of casualties of any division. They also have one of the highest rates of traumatic brain injury, military sexual trauma, and PTSD.

The Occupation of Iraq is NOT over. The troops being sent are COMBAT troops. It sickens me to see people repeating propaganda that “combat operations are ending” and “the last combat troops are leaving Iraq.” It’s unfair to the Iraqi people, to the US troops, and to the American public. It’s cynical and despicable politicking.



Dated July 8th 2010:


And in  the big propaganda over Obama belately executing Bush’s plan for Iraq, someone notices

It appears that the government gave the withdrawal story to NBC (MSNBC).

CNN isn’t covering it. It’s also pretty clear that MSNBC knew this was coming. They have all their star personalities covering it including Maddow in Iraq. Do you consider it ethical for the government to give access to one network and not others? Is it the cost of balancing access with security? What do you think? Saying “Bush gave it to Fox” is not an answer.

Amongst the dumbest comments

1. MSNBC and NBC are the only networks that gave a damn about Iraq for years

I think they deserve it for that reason alone.


6. patch up relations with the professional left ?

And oh, noes, KO messed up the message apparently

Keith just reported that the current combat operation officially continues until August 31st.

and to the protesting cheerleaders, one other confirms

5. No-he said, “OFFICIALLY, ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ continues ’til September 1st, but for all intents

and purposes, this part is as closed as the gate behind that last vehicle is closed as of this hour.”

May I remind everyone, W negotiated this to end on May 31.Uh-oh, someone actually mentions this

So, if Obama gets the credit for “ending the war in Iraq”…

does that mean that he will also get the blame when Iraq remains unstable, as it most likely will?

By accepting credit for Bush’s withdrawal plan, we’re just giving the right-wing ammo for the inevitable accusations that the troops were pulled out too soon.

This of course is debated so more facts brought up


U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement:

“On December 14, 2008, U.S. President George W. Bush signed the security pact with Iraq.”


Also, the koolaid brigade is now sticking it to the Deniacs

Oooops. Big progressive hero Howard Dean Comes Out AGAINST Cordoba House

And now, it’s Obama’s cheerleaders that want the mosque moved, to protect their beloved

135398.gif picture by Edgeoforever

Mosque-gate is the greatest threat to Obama since Wright-gate.

……Again, a well-recieved speech. But the only thing that will end this — and I think this is what will happen, perhaps sooner rather than later — a COMPROMISE will be found — Obama, Bloomberg, etc. will find some NYC real estate tycoon with a nice open lot ready for building who will be prevailed upon to exchange it for the “Park51” property, then Obama will pick up the phone to the Park51/Cordoba House leadership and use the schmoozing power of the Presidency to convince them to make the exchange.

This is what will happen. Sooner, we should hope, rather than later. If not, God help us in the midterms.

Oh, and let it not be said B0botland is misogynist! The anniversary of the women’s right to vote is duly noted. In a thread titled

Hey Ladies

Only one B0bot notes

28. I’d prefer, “Hey women”


and gets Shill Pitt to apologize

6. My sincerest apologies
Too late to edit.

I apologize.

Indeed. Hey women would have taken care of it all that went on in Bobotland

This was posted in September 2008 and interestingly enough it was also adressed to “Ladies”

Ladies! Have I got an item for you!
The Palin 2008 voting booth.
Never let your vagina be silenced again!
Order now while supplies last.
Send 6 equal payments of $99.99 to:
My hoohoo, my vote!
1234 dingdong lane
Guiyang, China 550000
Let your crotch be heard!
Vote now and vote often!

And the DUdie

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to this mind boggling post that NOW puts PUMA on the left side of the spectrum (speaking of course, on the benefit of the right)

59. Personally, I think when Gibbs said “Professional Left” what he

meant was “PUMA’s”. And there are plenty of PUMA websites.

That woodchuck shoo is confusing poor B0bots!.