When the love is great, it withstands hard times. But when something is powered by hatred, and a common hate focus is missing talk of divorce and custody comes in….. And as most don’t stand for anything…

Seems the so called “split in the party” (the koolaid drinkers and the recently awaken) is about to tear B0botland apart

We’re not going to reach our goal this fund drive. Let’s talk.

…..But before you stop reading, the point of this post is not to beg you to dig deep and donate and put us over the top. On the contrary, the point of this post is to tell you this:

Message received.

You don’t like what DU has become. Maybe you have very specific complaints, or maybe you don’t really know exactly what it is that you don’t like. But what you do know is that you wish it was more like the old DU. A community. A place that was special. Where we had big disagreements, but at least you felt like we all had something in common.

Yeah, I miss that DU, too.

Oh, I am sure they don’t talk about the same “old DU” as I am thinking about (pre-2008)

Oh, look, they talk about that

35. This place was even worse during the 2008 primaries, IIRC.

Ugly, ugly, ugly stuff between Obama and Clinton people.

Maybe the difference is that there was an inevitable closure to all that. The winning side obviously stayed, and the losing side either fell in line like loyal Democrats or hit the bricks.

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43. I think there are two differences:
1) As you said, we knew there was an end to the primaries.

2) We still had John McCain (and Bush) to unite us.


Yup. Because people who hate together, stay together. Also, people who steal elections together. But only until they divvy up the booty. Then they squabble again.

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26. We are kicking around the idea of providing top-level “safe haven” forums for committed partisans.
But we are concerned about the possible unintended consequences. I think our biggest concern is that if we create two mutually-exclusive forums for two groups, then we are forcing people to declare a side, endorsing this idea that we are enemies, and encouraging polarization.

But many of us actually are polarized.

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Uh-oh! Are you going to stay with Mommy or Daddy? Whose basement is bigger? And what’s the penalty for choosing wrong?

as people react to the “forcing” comment it gets waked back. It’s safe havens now (or veal pens)

4. I should have put the word “forcing” in scare quotes.
We certainly would not force anyone to pick a side. But the existence of two safe-haven forums might lead people (who otherwise might not) to pick a side.

And they keep talking about pro- and anti-Obama forums.

I remember when the forum started, after the 2000 theft, it looked like it stood for some principles.

Standing for democracy – sanctity of the right to vote and then civil rights, no wars etc

As members started condoning the breaking of all these, only hatred remains. And it’s unfocused.

Hence the need for divorce.


Since I first posted this, one comment got it

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Response to Original message
319. From the very beginning of DU —
it was about the Truth. Remember that? The Truth that Al Gore really won that Presidency.

From that day on the Truth was what was foremost.

The Truth about who Bush was, the Truth about what damage his policies were doing to our country, the Truth about the lies we were being fed.

DU was the place we came to because we wanted the Truth, not the bullshit being peddled by the Bush Administration and the mainstream media. And we got the Truth. We had the best and the brightest here, working endlessly to research, to connect, to lay it all out there for us to see.

Skinner, you can either be about the Truth or you can be a partisan. You cannot be both.

There are a million places on the Internet for partisans to make a good, safe home.

The Truth has a harder time finding such a home.


Now, we can fix this in a way that is sensible, that is centrist. I have rejected a whole bunch of provisions that the left wanted that are — you know, they were very adamant about because I thought it would be too disruptive to the system.

and I like this one which sums the fluffers posts


You hate Obama.
You want Sarah Palin to win.
You want a pony.
Obama can’t wave a magic wand.
You want Obama to be a dictator like bush.
You aren’t pragmatic.
We can fix it later.
Not voting is a vote for republicans.
Obama didn’t campaign on that.
It’s okay when Dems do it.
It’s not criticism, it’s bashing.

When confronted with opposing viewpoints, this is what the moderator-approved BOG produces.

How’s that been for business?

Authoritarianism is not bound by party.
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