Welcome to the mid-week episode of the DU-dies.

Remember Politico? Half of its writers were good standing members of Journo-list. Still, no longer good enough for the B0bots


This comes from ther coverage of Obama’s position of the mosque and this is the hilarious reason for anger

FUCK YOU POLITICO. Not everything is about political tactics. This isn’t a fucking game. This is about civil rights and the Constitution. Fuck off.

That may be. But they were talking about Obama here, so….always a game.

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Battered wife b0bots begging for a reason to stay

OK… I’ve Decided… Elizabeth Warren Is My Last Straw !!!

I know that for some here, they are way past their last straw with Obama, and there are others who are the ultimate bales of hay, but this is the one for me.

Suprise me, Mr. President…

Show us that you are not “owned”.

I’m beggin ya…

And a comment worthy of it

. Sure, sure. He gives in on that

and, next thing, you’ll be all stoked on drugs and wanting a Canadian health care system.Anyway, he’s not owned by anybody.

Leasing was cheaper.


The even funnier headline from the man who set up the cat food commission

Obama: I will protect Social Security with everything i’ve got

And it must be true because he says it in a video. I bet he’ll never rest either.

One b0bot is actually alert to the trick

7. He is painting “The Battle” as stopping “Privatization”. The real goal however

being to raise the retirement age. After all is said and done, he can claim that raising the retirement age was the “compromise” he was forced to accept in order to stop privatization. Then he can declare another “victory”. I can all but guarantee we are being set up. Time will tell of course, but I no longer hold much faith in this administration to do what is right for the people. Typical DLC conservative agenda and legislation from the get go.

while others are so clueless, they actually use the term “fierce advocate”

17. He always has been

in fact the Democratic Party is a fierce advocate for SS

After the cheers for Obama’s courage in defending the Mosque, many are deflated in the retreat

Obama is already backing down on his New York mosque statement because of right-wing Repub attacks

and another one.

why walk it back?

I bet the guy who wanted to perform sexual acts on Politico feels pretty silly now. Or maybe not as half of the responders rationalize he didn’t take it back.

Thom Hartman disagrees. He posts here his own video from his show under the heading

Thom Hartmann – President Obama caves in to the far far right wingers…

Another case of “Poor Obama is misrepresented”

General Petraeus insists he will not be bound by Obama’s Afghan exit date

Hardly any responder is willing to admit he speaks for his boss. Typical answer

24. If Obama has any backbone … that’s a signal that Petraeus should be FIRED — !!

And as the Gibbs turmoil continues – someone has a short reminder

GIBBS is not the enemy. n/t

Funny how I took from this “he is talking for Obama” but none of the B0bots did…

Uh-oh – money blackmail from the fluffers

Why should I donate to a site that calls itself ‘Democratic Underground’ but…

where more than half of the posts are anti-democratic and anti-Obama? If you are a democrat who supports this president and what he is trying to do it doesn’t make much sense.

Indeed. he shouldn’t. After trying to defeat this RW attack (from UK!)

Latest right-wing shocker: Obama didn’t really swim in the Gulf

someone has the chutzpa to post this

60. Well, thats your opinion.

However, if any President came THAT close to the prettiest beaches in the World, and did NOT go across the barrier peninsula and swim in the REAL Gulf, off the REAL Gulf beaches,….
I would be forced to ask the obvious question.
How safe is it really if you won’t go there with your family?

I’ve been there.
Nobody goes to the beach in Florida and only swims in the back bays.
The back bays are good for water skiing, playing on Jet Skies, and light fishing,
but people who go to the beach in Florida, go to The Beach.
You can clearly see The Beach in the Satellite Photo.

The BIG Photo Op was less than 1/2 mile away…
Standing on the Gulf Coast Beach, in breaking surf.

But for some reason, they passed on the Big Photo Op.
That does NOT say “SAFE” to me.

BTW: I am STILL looking for confirmation that they did NOT go to the real Beach,
and only stayed on the back bay. So far, all I have seen is the report from the White House and the article from The Independent.

I lived on the Gulf Coast for 50 years, and for someone to come THAT far, and NOT go the last 1/2 mile to see the real Florida Coast and the one of the most beautiful beaches in The World is outside my comprehension….unless they had a very good reason. Permalink

MMM…Maybe that’s why none of the Florida papers covered the stunt

Some take the losses in November for granted and skip to their favorite part – assigning blame

••• Okay, I’m pissed. Who is to blame for our loss of Capitol Hill? Whose heads should roll? •••

And the DU-die

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goes to Shill Pitt for the shameless shilling he does to pay back for his reinstatement

DU Web – mind you – his post predated the preceding – on blame

We will keep the House. We will keep the Senate. Obama will be re-elected in 2012.

Bookmark this thread. You can shove it up my ass if I’m wrong.

I’m not wrong.

While we wait: one commenter posted this reminder

36. All in good fun, Will, but I gotta post this one…


FWIW, I think you’re right this time :hi:

Martha Coakley will win on Tuesday.

Bank it.