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Welcome to the mid-week episode of the DU-dies.

Remember Politico? Half of its writers were good standing members of Journo-list. Still, no longer good enough for the B0bots


This comes from ther coverage of Obama’s position of the mosque and this is the hilarious reason for anger

FUCK YOU POLITICO. Not everything is about political tactics. This isn’t a fucking game. This is about civil rights and the Constitution. Fuck off.

That may be. But they were talking about Obama here, so….always a game.

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Battered wife b0bots begging for a reason to stay

OK… I’ve Decided… Elizabeth Warren Is My Last Straw !!!

I know that for some here, they are way past their last straw with Obama, and there are others who are the ultimate bales of hay, but this is the one for me.

Suprise me, Mr. President…

Show us that you are not “owned”.

I’m beggin ya…

And a comment worthy of it

. Sure, sure. He gives in on that

and, next thing, you’ll be all stoked on drugs and wanting a Canadian health care system.Anyway, he’s not owned by anybody.

Leasing was cheaper.

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While possibly already obsolete as plans for mosque may be abandoned, the mosque wars heat up

Notice how the Daily News fails to call jr.jr by his endearing “Bam again. They refer to Reid going against Obama

And from DC

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