Remember the famous SNL list? NBC messed up the link so here’s a utube one

It was done in October 2009 and didn’t change that much today

The one CNN fought like it were a piece of news?

embedding doesn’t work today so link here

Adair found that SNL missed the mark on a few of the failed initiatives on their checklist, including Afghanistan and health care. He did, however, say SNL was correct in their judgment of failure on closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. Adair concludes that this sketch won’t have anywhere near the power to shape public opinion as the one in which Tina Fey skewered would-be vice president Sarah Palin.

To the point of providing comedy gold for the Daily Show?

“While you were doing your research did you also find that sharks live in water and don’t deliver candy grams…

In the aftermath of Gibbs “they should be grateful” remarks, CNN is repeating it

check it out – it’s not that different

Hmmm…Should SNL do a factual check? Daily News?

What changed (besides more time where nothing got done?)

Could it be this from the Wall Street Journal?

The Obsolescence of Barack Obama

Is the media barking now for another designated puppet?