If it’s Friday, it’s the Du-dies

It seems Tom Tomorrow’s woodcuck shall mess with B0bots’ heads in perpetuity

Another Proud Woodchuck!

Pragmatists decided to embrace their “woodchuckiness” and here’s a picture, Ramboesque may I say and with its propaganda attached

If being a woodchuck means supporting a president who negotiated a significant arms reduction agreement with the Russians, expanded AmeriCorps, provided new assistance to economically troubled urban communities, and made sure that vets with PTSD get the care they deserve, than I am proud to be a woodchuck!

and since I am on the prowl, spotted another embraced woodchuck in a signature, complete with alternate captions to Tomorrow’s cartoon and a quote from Barney Frank

“Idealism without pragmatism is just a way to flatter your ego.” – Barney Frank

Obama fans take pride in Obama “changing the game in the Gulf”

What changed the game in the Gulf

What he desperately needed, Allen told the president, was military control of the airspace. Obama gave the order to make it so.

and Thad was not even working on the orders of BP which wanted to burn carcases of whales and dolphins undisturbed! So stop saying that!

In the “exercises in futility” department, one B0bot tries, hard to debunk

The Myth of the “Spineless Democrat”

Not many buyers.

Gibbs outburst created a slew of threads – the best headline being

Going out of one’s way to take gratuitous potshots at your base proves one thing

You don’t consider them your base.

How many times do left of center liberals need to learn the same lesson?


How many times do you need to be handed your coat before you understand that the party is over and it’s time to go elsewhere?

Message received. I get it.

Unaware that Gibbs already apologized (cable TV made me do it), apologist is helping him

The Whitehouse has the right to speak back to those that constantly trash it.

and another – reminding me of the good ol times when David  Schuster’s rights to call the Clintons pimps were defended here

Robert Gibbs right to free speech didn’t end when he was hired by the WH

and another apology for the – apologetic- Gibbs – this one passive aggressive

The “Obama is like Bush” professional Left

can kiss my ass.
They are actively working undoing everything I’ve worked for.
They do not nor will they ever speak for me. period

In the chorus of approval, one sour note

61. The “Obama is like Bush” PROFESSIONAL LEFT makes Gibbls look like the


Sorry, Keith Olbermann just said that.

And it’s TRUE!

And an even funnier headline

What drug is likeliest to make a person say Obama is like Bush?

with the kick ass answer

4. Truth Serum
or if you are so inclined “veritaserum”

And a headline summing up how Obama views B0bots

“You don’t matter. Your views are irrelevant…….So why don’t you love me?”

And a very pointed question

After Mr. Gibbs’ now famous comment, do you feel our party is at war with you?

It opens with a disclaimer

Let me start with this unequivocal statement: I am a DEMOCRAT and I am NOT leaving.

but gets to the point eventually

Of late, however, a goodly portion of the members, me included, are openly treated with disrespect by the leadership. We are clearly being heard and intentionally being marginalized. I do, indeed, feel as if we’re at war.

Someone with a Dean avatar is more categorical

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7. “I am a DEMOCRAT and I am NOT leaving”
My party left me.

And called back just to hurl a few final insults my way.

They are not forgiven.

The Democrats are never more than one short step behind the pukes in their rightward stampede. Our blind loyalty is the reason for that.

And someone brings up to speed the news challenged

3. Let’s see…retard, druggie, drunk, hippie. That’s what the powers that be think of the left.

Funny how that’s exactly what the rethugs think of the left-assholes that they ALL are.

And finally, they are inching closer to Obama himself

If the Administration didn’t agree with Gibbs, they would have said so

And some got too close and got locked

Make no mistake! This is the Obama Administration’s opening salvo in a war on Liberal Democrats

18. We’re locking this.

Pretty broad brush, baseless accusations / smears.

Thanks all.

And there are still some clinging to the multidimensional chess

could Obama be playing chess with US?

Via Gibb’s comment. Mayhaps to get us pissed off enough to “get fired up”?

just saying

Here’s some real (as opposed to virtual) grave dancing

Is Anyone Upset and Sad over the loss of Ted Stevens ?

It’s a rhetorical question, obviously and photos of him with Bush and Palin are posted to drive the point across.

And the DU-die

f_9000006m_299a146.gif picture by Edgeoforever

goes to the adorable naive

could Obama be playing chess with US?

Via Gibb’s comment. Mayhaps to get us pissed off enough to “get fired up”?

just saying

All together now: Awwwww!

I confess, I was going to go with the witty “what drug would make one think Obama is like Bush” but the chess one took the cake. Literally.