Apparently, the Democratic party is in such woes that it turns to Michelle for saving. Fresh from her mourning billionaire vacationing in Spain she is being deployed in campaigning. But what will the fat kids do now?

while her hubby is selling another kind of snake oil today – tainted sea food

In other Chicago politics news, The Blago jury is split

And Barney Frank is having family problems

Wait, there’s more Obama is selling us: IRAQ WITHDRAWAL IN SIGHT? Gee, I thought

W negotiated it to start on May 31!. Not to worry, Obama’s other war is going great

In NY is DUH trivia time again:

The Tourists are coming!

and Coney Island is fun

USA Today is more fun with its poll at the bottom. STAYING SKINNY BEATS SEX

That’s silly! Everyone knows that only chocolate beats sex!

Check those 12% men who agree