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No sooner did Gibbs reaffirm his opinions of the B0bots that they get this letter from Obama (via OFA)

one key part of our Vote 2010 plan this year is to get folks like you from across the country to commit to vote, to make sure we get as many people as we can to cast their ballots this fall.

But getting the commitments we need starts with your own promise to make it to the polls and cast your ballot.Will you please commit to vote in the 2010 elections?

There’s a link where the crazy druggies can commit themselves…

What? Not even flowers and a half assed apology? Now that’s getting abuse to an art.

How many battered B0bots will sign on? More than they should.

A few walk off though

I unsubscribed to all of my Obama emails today and

in each case a box popped up asking me why.

My answer: “Gibbs and Emanuel, because as a liberal progressive I am tired of being marginalized.”

but not too far

How do they expect me to care in November? Yes I will vote, but how can I have any passion after they threw me under the bus?

Sorry for being negative but this is so depressing.

Of course, considering the monumentally bad decisions they made lately, B0bots should commit themselves. They proved they can be a danger to themselves and to others.

It was a hilarious moment in Gibbs recent rant when he said the crazy, drugged up left won’t be happy until they have Kucinich as president. (I  myself was more likely to want the Pentagon abolished than trust that two faced little freak)

The Nation had an interesting reaction to this

What Gibbs forgot, of course, was that Kucinich played a pivotal role in advancing Obama’s candidacy for the presidency. On the day of the 2008 Democratic caucuses in Iowa, Kucinich told his supporters that if they did not have a critical mass of backers at individual caucuses, they should throw in with Obama as the most viable progressive. That was a critical decision, since Obama only narrowly beat former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, who was making a big play for liberal backing.

Yeah, there was that betrayal. And there was that flashier, more recent one, when he sold out the public option.

And just in case anyone thought these betrayals didn’t matter, right on cue, with Gibbs sticking to his attacks on liberals, Kucinich is quick to deliver the 1-2 punch by declaring he won’t run and asking for unity

here’s to the new PUMAs!

Grayson/Weiner 2012

And all together now: where is the left gonna go now?

Obama apologists feel vindicated – it has to be right since Kucinich signed on it. A repeat on the trashing of the public option – only now it’s the B0bots thrown in the garbage.

It’s the big bat signal in the sky: Bobots, roll over.

Or in Michae Moore words: “You suck. Now send money.”

Apparently, the Democratic party is in such woes that it turns to Michelle for saving. Fresh from her mourning billionaire vacationing in Spain she is being deployed in campaigning. But what will the fat kids do now?

while her hubby is selling another kind of snake oil today – tainted sea food

In other Chicago politics news, The Blago jury is split

And Barney Frank is having family problems

Wait, there’s more Obama is selling us: IRAQ WITHDRAWAL IN SIGHT? Gee, I thought

W negotiated it to start on May 31!. Not to worry, Obama’s other war is going great

In NY is DUH trivia time again:

The Tourists are coming!

and Coney Island is fun

USA Today is more fun with its poll at the bottom. STAYING SKINNY BEATS SEX

That’s silly! Everyone knows that only chocolate beats sex!

Check those 12% men who agree


Not Your Sweetie