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The most astounding story today comes  from the Wall Street Journal: Seems while still engaged in the wrong countries because of 9.11, we’ll be selling weapons to the REAL terrorist supporters: the Saudis

Oil-kill coverage is getting minimal so this piece in WaPo is a find: UNEASY FEELING IN THE GULF

The news embargo area is now LA only

We find out that shrimpers pray for relief

as seafoof is facing a tainted image

and newspapers pronounce them SAFE TO EAT

Meanwhile the cat food for seniors proponents seem to work their ways in the headlines. Here’s scaring Floridians

and doing same in LA

In NYC, I had to pick trivia (from more trivia):

Long Island is at war with mosquitos

and in the “Breaking: the sky is blue” department:

Hotel rooms with a view are expensive

and if you leave your stuff unattended on the beach at Coney Island – it may get stolen

I  bet you didn’t know all that!

On update, the NY Post story on Naomi Campbell  is NOT trivial

It’s about the Liberian warlord Charles Taylor trial for war crimes   and found an article on this

Naomi Campbell told guests staying at Nelson Mandela‘s home in South Africa in September 1997 that she had received diamonds from the former Liberian warlord Charles Taylor, according to testimony given to a court in The Hague today by the actor Mia Farrow.


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