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If it’s Friday, it’s the DU-dies

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Someone is very lost, very late in the game

I don’t think DU was set up to blindly support the Democratic Party.

I may even believe the sentiment had I not known the poster tearing down – on DU – his own family members for saying pretty much the same – only in 2008. So, now it’s his turn to be torn down

A good question

I would like to know why some Democrats, including President Obama

are finding it righteous to demand or ask Charlie Rangel to step down but never speak out forcefully against the GOP violaters such as Vitter and Ensign?

Good question. For the answer see this

and here it is again

Why is Obama strongly hinting that Charlie should resign, but has not a peep for ……

…. any of the repubican miscreants?

What’s up with that? Have past presidents done that?

On Chelsea Wedding’s day, B0bots share a good resentment laugh with the freepers, using THEIR unflattering pic of Hillary’s beautiful green dress to drip more bile

I really do love Hillary—but my God…..

We use (sic) to make quite a bit of fun over Laura Bush and her “curtain” dresses here at DU—

For people not fueled by bile, she looked like this:

It might be a metaphor for the primaries.

And for cognitive dissonance cds:

Family friend: Chelsea’s wedding costs are in the 6 figures — NOT millions.

The comments are mostly unanimously condemning the press, Fox and the GOP for lying after days of B0botland being littered with threads condemning the obscene figures and but one person noticing

24. People right here on DU were telling us it was between 10 and 20 million

I remember when Obama bragged “the difference between now and 1994 is that you got ME” Which makes this headline funnier

To Help Fellow Democrats in the Fall, Obama May Stay Away

Amongst the gushing about his wisdom, some good comments

Hiding is the new leadership?

WTF?Whatever happened to “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”?

How long before some sneering pug starts calling it “redeployment”?

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BrklynLiberal Donating Member (1000+ posts)
5. I am saddenend by the idea that having the President stay away would be more helpful
than his appearance.. It reminds me too much of the Bush years…….

Thread locked for comparing Obama to Bush

WTF!!! President Obama acting like Bush look what he is about to let the FBI do

In spite of linking to an article about giving FBI access to internet records without court order, the kool-aid police locks it because

15. locking

posters wishing to imply that the obama administration is the same as the bush administration are advised to bring some actual facts to support their argument.

I doubt any facts are acceptable to them though

In the “Daddy why is the sky blue” department:

Why are President Obama’s approval ratings at a particular low ebb right now?

Quite low lately. It’s due mostly to Sherrod and the oil spill right? I bet if those two things hadn’t happened, he’d be at 51% or 52%.

I really don’t think it’s the economy because the economy is getting better and the unemployment rate is getting better all the time.

Of course, the better question is : why were they so high before?

Some of the answers are priceless but this is the essence of B0bot:

7. People are stupid

And not worthy.

A grim prediction with very little opposition

Democrats will cave on the Bush tax cuts and extend them

what surprised me was the conspicuous absence of the cheerleading section from this thread. There’s one lame attempt to dismiss this, but look at the name

Warren Stupidity
5. nah, won’t happen.
The requirement for a majority in both houses is a show stopper.

and there is a kool-aid post which I shall keep for the record

12. I think you’re as full of shit as a Christmas turkey

not to be taking away from the traditional Christmas dinner either.

And another flicker of sanity promptly attacked by the koolaid brigade

The White House told a lie about the oil being dispersed

is a shit statement

Someone is trying to organize the response tem

2. Why not have one thread and say anyone who disagrees

on anything Obama says makes shit statements.

and another tries some sarcasm

11. White doves took it away on beams of golden sunlight

Most of the rest is “how dare you contradict Dear leader? What’s your proof?”

Another one tries – with a picture

So, you believe the admin and 74% of the oil is gone, soooo…

I guess this is a fake image then?

(humongous image follows)

Some interesting answers this time

Here are some numbers…

Excerpts from yesterday’s press briefing:

About a quarter of the oil has been evaporated or dissolved.

About 17 percent, were recovered directly from the well site.

An additional 5 percent was burned.

Another 3 percent was skimmed.

8 percent of the oil that was released has been chemically dispersed both with dispersants at the surface, as well as subsea.

Looks like 42% is still out there somewhere.…


Oh, and more CDS, please!

Robert Scheer: “Chelsea Clinton’s marriage to a Goldman Sachs alum and budding hedge-fund hustler

at lest they moved on from the wedding costs. Somehow, B0bots manage to blame the Peace and Prosperity president for all the war and recession of W, Jr.jr. One sane comment

1. I need an aspirin

Criticize her father for his policies, but Chelsea is not a politician, nor does she seek to be one.

Politicizing marriage: How is that any different than what the fundamentalist wackjobs at the National Organization for Marriage are doing?

and another

3. So Marc Mezvinsky is responsible for the financial collapse of 2008?

Good to know.:eyes:

The rest is pretty much “The Clenis did it”.

Someone appears to give Obama credit for the prop 8 being overturned

o I was out when the news came down. Pres Obama got a special b’day gift – Prop 8 DOWN!

Some take exception

3. Not a gift he wanted…

…I seem to recall him declining support for gay marriage while stumping in 2008.

so the author explains himself

5. The title was sarcastic irony

He never supported gay people. He just liked to call himself a fierce advocate.

Pandemnium ensues over the question of Obama appreciating this gift or not. Someone is measuring:

Ok. Let’s hear from the White House instead.

“The President has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans.”

Official White House statement Today after the ruling. They are so ecstatic about the ruling I almost slipped into a coma.

Here’s what Liza Minelli said…

“wonderful news.”

Which one sounds happier about this?


Frustration with Oprecious’s homophobia

Unless the President I VOTED for renounces ANY and ALL policies that discriminate against ANY

and EVERY group, I will not support his re-election.

Get that?

Unless the “fierce advocacy” I voted for results in TANGIBLE gains for the LGBT community, he DOES NOT GET my vote.

If DADT is still in place in 2012, HE WILL NOT GET MY VOTE.

If DOMA is still in place in 2012, HE WILL NOT GET MY VOTE.

I would qualify that by saying that should he stand up and renounce statements he’s made in the past like “Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN”, I’m willing to negotiate.

Otherwise? I’m either abstaining or voting for a primary challenger even if I have to write a name on the ballot.

is met with derision and contempt. Let’s hear for the darling Nance Greggs – so full of herself that posting her name on the internet is not enough – we need to stare at her photo  when reading – beautiful inside and out

2. I take you to mean …


Quite frankly, Scarlett – I don’t think anybody gives a damn.


I remember these attitudes leveled at us in 2008 as well.

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And the DUdie


goes to……the moderators locking a thread because

15. locking

posters wishing to imply that the obama administration is the same as the bush administration are advised to bring some actual facts to support their argument.


The news of the day is the confirmation of Elena Kagan to SCOTUS.

NY papers – almost celebrate it (half covers and insets)

The oil kill is disappearing from the news as fast as the mysterious 75% of unknown quantity of oil. Some leftovers:

Doubts in LA

Pompoms in Fla.

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Moonie times kicks Social Security again, in spite of the annual review finding it healthier than expected


Not Your Sweetie