Any news on the kill well – trumpeted yesterday. As I said, if it’s from BP, doubt it!

The oil-kill news embargo gets broken with DC Express wondering about the “smell test” on sea food safety

WaPo has an evaluation of the oil-kill as the worst in history – 5 mil gallons (bottom page)

Within the oil-kill news getto:

In LA they wonder about the dispersants mystery (see more complete coverage from Boston Boomer)

and Miami Herald has a piece on the disposal of oily materials

Obama pulls a Mission accomplished stunt with Iraq – but even the celebratory subtitle revels the fake (50,000 will stay in Iraq)

So, no wonder this does nothing to the opinions over Obama’s war plans

Obama’s approval down to 41%

On the corruption front – Boston Herald adds Barney Frank into the mix

and the NY Post a collusion between theΒ  governor of Connecticut and Wall street-ers

And Virginia wants a hand in immigration enforcement too