Chris Hedges declares in a live chat on Global warming on Truthdig

We have to stop believing that we can effect change through established political or social organizations or electoral politics, and I think that still remains a huge hurdle for us people who in the end, through accommodation of fear and very clever advertising, are herded like sheep into a dysfunctional system, which is how so many people who should have known better voted for Obama.

Hey Chris, you forgot election fraud and the fact that a majority of the Democrats were not herded like sheep. But that would spoil your pretty narrative.

This is the part I agree with

Well, the coup d’etat is over, and they won. We lost. And now we have to learn to cope with it. It is very clear that the engines of corporatism and globalization are going to kill the ecosystem, no matter how many dead zones are created in the Gulf of Mexico or protests organized.

and this vindicates me a little

Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are as bad as the right wing; they are all playing the same wing, nobody is addressing the institutional methods that are strangling us. I don’t care if it’s from the left or right, it all acts as diversion to keep us in a state of self-delusion.

Again, some of us knew better, but why mention 18 million people?

In B0botland this is posted

Well, the coup d’etat is over, and they won. (Chris Hedges)

with a disclaimer

disclaimer: I am a liberal. I read everything. I digest and use what I want as fuel to fight another day. I am not anti-Obama, anti-America, or anti-kittens. I just like to be fed, kpete

and highly recommended. Some of the comments

Which is why I wrote Gore’s name in.

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hfojvt Donating Member (1000+ posts)
18. maybe Hillary would have
or Nader, of course.

but dismissed by Hedges’s wisdom

different cuts of the same cloth, ultimately …

… so sad that even as clear as Hedges makes it in this article, some folks – like you – still refuse to see that it is us against them – and the ‘them team’ includes BOTH parties.

A few apologies are shouted down

Don’t you get it?
Anything that could possibly be misconstrued as “anti-Obama” or “anti-Democrat” in even the most trivial way must be shouted down as quickly and stridently as possible.

You have to applaud the consistency, at least. :shrug:

obxhead (1000+ posts)
35. Yes, the damage is done, might as well ignore it and in fact even
compound it in the name of supporting our Pres.

Reality is harder and harder to keep away these days. Not that they don’t try

Untrue and stupid.

Change has happened. It’s still happening.

I continue to be optimistic.