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I know I posted this in the DU-dies page because it fit half of the discussions there. But I decided it deserves its own entry as it captures so much. As part of the base that was divorced 2 years ago for lack of penis and obedience to men, I find this belated and rewarding – because it’s finally told .

Chelsea’s wedding fascinates the media so much, the NY tabloids forgot to be bitchy

Even NY Post

Of course, the “paper of record” had to squeeze the story bottom page with an ambivalent headline

The “elbowing town” beams with pride in the local press (even if they were slow in getting the actual wedding pics)

On the oil-kill front, in the news embargo area, yesterday’s chest beating from BP is followed by softer headlines

and controversial outlooks

and there’s even a breach of perimeter with WaPo doing a Corexit story (bottom page)


Singer who supported Hillary expresses
Buyer Remorse” after eventually voting for Obama

Not Your Sweetie