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Today’s theme is damage control. See it on the war


See it in the entertaining Kerry story

Blago trial

and BP which took a page from the Catholic Church with the molesting priests

Back to the war Poor old little war

More on damage control

But WaPo’s “experts” assure us: Nothing will change

So, now that that’s settled, look over there: we upped the rumored price ofย  Chelsea’s wedding! Aren’t you outraged? I expect Bobotland to fully embrace the extra million today and smother it in bile

Oh, and one more thing: Thad Allen can’t find the oil BP sunk with Corexit. Can someone please remind him about the underwater plumes scientists were forbidden to talk about?


I fail to see why the media is so happy at Tony’s negotiated exit from BP. He gets his life back, we don’t get our ocean back

I guess we’re supposed to feel vindicated, somehow?

Meanwhile, Wikileaks sent us some war documents on Afghanistan so we get the idea what war is like (Obama sez: that’s before MY surge)

I am sure now the war is just peachy – in fact check this Florida paper(bottom page)

In Chicago they are ready for testimony in Blgo’s trial

and in NY they hope for medical marijuana


Boston Herald gives good John God tested me Kerry yet another shot at page one

in the oil-kill news blockade, storm abated

and so did the BP funds to pay the victims

and it’s from a local Florida paper we find out about the war casualties

Obama Times has a SCOTUS report

and on a lighter note, Mad Men returns!


Yesterday fun stories continue: John Florida doesn’t count Kerry has no defense for tax evasion Boston Globe last year issues continue to be posted by Newseum – was the media’s fault then too?

On the more serious side, it was revealed BP kept the alarms off on rigs so the workers can sleep

and in the oil-kill news blockade, worries persist on Bonnie

and check those underwater oil clouds

in LA they think it’s still possible for the storm to pick up

while here, on the East Coast – we bake again.


The results will surprise you

Time for Hillary to Run…..

I also loved this from the comments



Not Your Sweetie

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