Today, Newseum, the site where I get my tabloids had a whimsical goof: it showed the Boston Globe cover from last year

Which prompts the question: where are they now? Or rather, where are we now?

We knew how his campaign went.

Boasting he wasΒ  going to put an end to all that and unofficially – with or without the help of the Jurnolist – accuse all opposition of racism.

When Rev Wright made himself the story, Obama historically declared he cannot distance himself from Wright. Then promptly did, days later for being called…a politician.

And what did Obama do with the latest racist story? He hid.

headlines from yesterday

White House keeps President Obama above racial fray

Jurnolister Ben Smith reassured us that
“The White House struggled mightily Wednesday to make things right with an aggrieved Shirley Sherrod Ò€” but it is working nearly as hard to distance President Barack Obama and his top aides from the racially tinged firing fiasco. “
From CNN we have this

Aides: White House trying to distance Obama from Sherrod controversy

White House aides said Wednesday they do not expect President Barack Obama to call Shirley Sherrod, the black former USDA employee who resigned after a video clip of her discussing a white farmer surfaced earlier this week.Obama did not appear at the White House briefing Wednesday to discuss the issue. At the briefing, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs apologized to Sherrod on behalf of the administration.

But like Wright, the Cambridge incdent, the stiry became

Shirley Sherrod Becomes Obama Political Problem

NPR quotes from Field Negro blog,

Ms. Sherrod, I go to an excellent cleaner here in Philly. They will do a great job of getting those tire marks off the back of your beautiful dress. Still, I bet that bus must have been pretty heavy.

Don’t worry, your back will recover. Just ask some of the other Negroes who found themselves under the O bus what they used to make themselves feel better.

So, finally, Obama had to pop in, this time throwing Vilsak (previously supported) under the bus.

Since, Obama personally called Sherrod to apologize – her answer about returning is still pending. So what to make of this aide comment to CNN

“No more beer summits here,” one aide said. After Gates’ arrest, Obama, Gates and police Sgt. James Crowley met at the White House for beers.

This may still be reserved for penis-Americans only.


A new headline

US officials stumble on the firing of Shirley Sherrod

with new information

he clip, dug up by a conservative activist and replayed by Fox News, sent alarm bells ringing not just at the USDA but at the White House.Mrs Sherrod was phoned not once but three times as she drove home – and she says the official who phoned her at the prompting of the White House was so desperate to get her to quit that she ended up pulling over to the side of the road and resigning by e-mail.