It’s DU-Dies time!

In the Lower Expectations category, after finding out any GOP candidate beats Obama, this headline

Dole leads Clinton in March 1995 TIME poll…

Must have been because of all that raycism that Clinton beat Dole like a drum

In the DUH cathegory is this awakening

Has this place become an Echo Chamber now, where have all

the flowers gone?

Mods, please do not lock this as I do not think it is against the discipline here. I am truly concerned when I see only one DUer with over ten OPs on here.

This place used to be so vibrant with so many different points of view, alas, something makes me wonder!

Where have all the flowers gone?


You are 2 years late when it became a one candidate primary site, but thanks for noticing. Comments are cute too

catch 22

if anyone answers honestly, your thread will be locked or disappeared.

FYI, thread is locked.

Searching for deal breakers

Re: Primarying Obama In 2012 (I’m Not There Yet) BUT…

Funny as his thugs canceled the 2008 primary too

Thoughtful poster there captures the guiding principle of the Omaministration

We Have Nothing to Fear, But Fear of a One Term Presidency

Here’s a question that comes 2 years too late

Is Barack Obama a “progressive”?

Too bad they didn’t wonder about it on the campaign trail during the love of Reagan, praise of Blackwater

Last resort department: People who hate together…

I am posting this to help re-unify DU

What follows is nothing but a photo of Palin winking. Gleeful attacks and further unflattering photos follow.

Oh please

you know you want this.

Good answer to a ridiculous order barked from Daily News

Dems, get behind your President

First and only needed answer

Reply #1: Mr President, get behind your Dems

And the DU-die for this week goes to the entire dissection of the Sherrod blunder

In the category “meanies made him do it” in the Shirley Sherrod story comes the headline

Breitbart is getting his wish! The President and his admin blamed for something negative….

proper snark eventually follows, is missed

4. Exactly. People talking about this….

are giving aid and comfort to the enemy.People need to watch what they say. We need to immediately forget about and stop talking about Sherrod. It sucks that she lost her job, but we can’t let that get in the way of the bigger picture.

On the same theme, a ray of common sense

FOX News and the MSM did not fire Sherrod…..the Administration did!!!

which is immediately “parodied” by an operative

Fire YOU Fire Me FIRE EVERYBODY Dammit! You Weak Piece Of Shit!!

Fellow operatives LOL all the way down, with one ‘splaining to us

3. It does get a little bit ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Look people, this is not a NATIONAL event, it’s a mistake, period. AND, IT WILL BE CORRECTED. Everyone needs to take a fucking chill pill.

and to all Obama apologists a good retort on the “mistake” defense

9. Not like the White House or the NAACP had any reason to be skeptical about Breitbart…
I still find it hard to comprehend that this was a tape of an NAACP event..and they were still “snookered”?

Update: due to popular demand, adding this attempt to rewrite history in this most pushiest of polls

Do “Obama killed the public option” threads belong in the 911 forum

At what point do we accept that people were duped by an irrational conspiracy theory because it reaffirms what they would like to be true? Does it deserve to be taken seriously anymore.

Poll result (68 votes)
Yes, it’s a kooky conspiracy that doesn’t belong in serious debate. (62 votes, 91%) Vote
People are misguided but free speech allows stupidity. (1 votes, 1%) Vote
I believe the accusations no matter how little evidence there is! (0 votes, 0%) Vote
Something obnoxious about a furry rodent. (5 votes, 7%)