The war on Faux is over. Murdoch’s flag is firmly planted on top of the White House. Now that Glen Beck sez Sherrod can be un-fired, maybe she will. Next time, make sure you are a Penis-American before telling such stories (or clean, articulate, negro dialect etc)

Adding hysterical reaction from B0botland – it’s all about inconveniencing Obama you see

Breitbart is getting his wish! The President and his admin blamed for something negative….

At the time this story first started buzzing in the morning, I reserved comment. I wanted to get Sherrod’s side of the story first and the larger context of her remarks. From the soundbyte I had seen — which was the footage that first went viral after conservative media put it out there– Sherrod’s tone and the context clues indicated to me that she was trying to express the opposite of what was being alleged against her in conservative media an … Read More

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