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Do not ever believe these people – just some B0bots/operatives

Now that we know that someone holds the list of most media whores who manipulated this election – or at least those calling themselves “liberals” – we have some time to wait until the names come out.

So, for  future reference, as their credibility is now officially  trash who is on Jurnolist that we know of

From the Daily Caller article

Spencer Ackerman – Washington Independent

Michael Tomasky – The Guardian

Thomas Schaller – Baltimore Sun

Jonathan Stein – Mother Jones

Jared Bernstein – Biden’s economist, Obama campaign adviser

Joe Conason – New York Observer

David Greenberg – Grist

David Roberts – Grist

Todd Gitlin – Columbia journalism profesor

Chris Hayes – The Nation

Katha Pollitt – The Nation

Mark Schmit – American Prospect

Kevin Drum – Washington Monthly

From the original story revealing this

David Weigel – Washington Post

From the new article in Daily Caller, additional names

Luke Mitchell – Harpers editor

Ezra Klein – American Prospect

Alec McGillis – Washington Post

Ryan Donmoyer – Bloomberg news

Laura Rozen – Politico

Jeffrey Toobin – The New Yorker

Michael Hirsh – Newsweek

Joel Klein – Time

Eric Alterman

Jesse Taylor –

Josh Bearman – LA Weekly

Seth Michaels

Matt Duss Center for America Progress

Adele Stan-The Media Consortium

Adam Serwer- American Prospect

Kate Steadman – Keiser Health News

Alyssa Rosenberg – Government Executive

Michael Cohen – New America Foundation

A tweet  Jake Tapper posted on FB makes me add @ Brad De Long (they are having way too much fun at our expense)

Megan Carpentier – TPM (from her snarky tweets)

Nate Silver – New York Times blogger from here

Ben Smith – Politico – ibidem

from new Daily caller story on attacking Palin

Ben Adler – Politico, Newsweek

Matt Yglesias – blogger

Ed Kilgore –  Managing editor of democratic Strategist blog

Avi Zenilman – Politico

Susanne Nossel – Human Rights Watch

Ryan Avent – editor The Economist

From Ben Smith’s confession

Mike Allen – Politico

From here

Michael Sherer – Time

From this new story on KO at Daily Caller

Rebecca Traister – Salon

From the American Thinker list

Mark Ambinder – The Atlantic

Nick Bauman – Mother Jones

Steven Benen – The Carpetbegger Report

Sam Boyd – The American Prospect

Jonathan Chait – The New Republic

Jonathan Cohn – The New Republic

David Corn – Mother Jones

Daniel Davis – The Guardian

David Dayen – Firedoglake

Brad De Long- The Economist’s Voice

Eve Fairbanks – The New Republic

Dana Goldstein –  The Daily Beast

Merryl Goozner – Chicago Tribune

Robert Greenwald – Brave New Films

Don Hazen – Alternet

Paul Krugman – The New York Times

Lisa Lerer – Politico

Ari Melber – The Nation

Gautham Nagesh – Daily Caller, The Hill

Foster Kamer – Village Voice

Greg Sargent – Washington Post

Noam Sheiber – The New Republic

Sarah Spitz – NPR

Sam Stein – Huffington Post

From the piece called Journolist heroes

Dan Froomkin- Wapo, Huffpo

James Surowiecki – The New Yorker

From the article on the political operatives in Journolist (besides Jared Bernstein)

Jason Furman – deputy director National Economic Coincil

Illan Goldenberg – advisor on ME policy at Pentagon

Moira Wgelan – now at Department of Homeland Security

Anne Marie Slaughter – now at the State Department

Ben Bradzel – chief staffer  for OFA

Josh Orton – Reid’s spokesman, then Obama’s deputy director of new media

during campaign. Joined JL after election.

Jeff Houser – campaign manager for Dennis Shulman – D- NJ

By her own admission,

Digby – Blogger, Hoolabaloo

And now that the list is so extensive, here are the publications to mistrust (I won’t bother with blogs, Huffpo, The New Republic or The Nation – just stuff that still pretends to be credible)

Washington Post

Ezra Klein (founder), David Weigel, Alec McGillis, Greg Sargent


Ben Adler, Michael Hirsh, Eric Alterman

New York Times

Nate Silver, Paul Krugman


Joel Kline, Michael Sherer


Avi Zenilman, Ben Smith, Lisa Lerer,  Ben Adler, Mike Allen

Chicago Tribune

Merill Goozner

The Atlantic

Marc Ambinder, Ta-Nehisi Coates


Sarah Spitz

The New Yorker

James Surowiecki,  Jeffrey Toobin

In fact they are all having fun at the public expense here. Their egos are beyond embarrassment. They are talking about us!

I shall update this as names keep dripping. Feel free to let me know if I missed anyone.

They do protest too much. Screenshot of SOME of the topical stories on Memeorandum, July 22, 5:22 AM

and just to remind everyone what’s missing in these Daily Caller articles and Journolist-ers confessions, Hillary’s other discredited conspiracy

Also, note the direct campaign connectionsso far revealed in the person of Jared Bernstein.

Now that BP totally ignored US orders about the cap again, it’s time for the UK prime minister to set Jr.jr straight. Here’s a Moonie Times headline on it  DESPITE OIL SPILL ‘CATASTROPHE’ CAMERON STANDS UP FOR BP (why quotation marks under “catastrophy”? And why “oil spill”?)

and one in Metro NY (next to the Playboy story) AS GULF DISASTER UNFOLDS, OBAMA AND CAMERON TRADE NICETIES

Funny how those special relationships weren’t that special under Jr.jr until the need to cover for BP

Wall Street Journal thinks that US DRILLS DEEP INTO BP but they also thought the financial reform had teeth, so…

In reality, after being stomped all over by BP, Admiral Thad is trying to reassure people that it will be OK on BP’s terms

while in Florida, they were unable to pass the drilling ban – if not now, when?

And a shocker from Chicago: Blago has been silenced

out of character, notes the Tribune


Right after the revelations about the media conspiracy to install Obama using Jurnolist, Sullivan is patting himself on the back for not being on that list

One reason I would never be on such a list, of course, is my record of non-liberalism: my loathing of the Clintons, my anti-p.c. instincts, my disdain for taboos on race and gender and sexuality on the left, my early support for what I stupidly thought would be moderate conservatism under Bush and even dumber tub-thumping for war in Iraq after the trauma of 9/11.

Let’s see if I get this: I was never part of a group whose reason to exist was to attack Hillary Clinton on daily basis because….I hate the Clintons too much.

And it gets better

I was also shocked by George Stephanopoulos’ FNC-style questioning in the primary debate, and said so in no uncertain terms. But those errors and good judgments were mine and mine alone.

This disclaimer comes after the article on Jurnoist reveals that

Watching this all at home were members of Journolist, a listserv comprised of several hundred liberal journalists, as well as like-minded professors and activists. The tough questioning from the ABC anchors left many of them outraged. “George [Stephanopoulos],” fumed Richard Kim of the Nation, is “being a disgusting little rat snake.”

and actively worked to attack ABC and its ancors for daring to ask Obama questions.

So, what are Sully’s errors again? (besides his love of W):

Thathe hated the Clintons BEFORE some of the Jurnoists people (Conason, Tomasky, feel humbled) and he hated ABC’s anchors for not giving Obama his fluffy pillows even more.

If that is a crime, flay me with a wet noodle. Please!

In all fairness, he also has a good last sentence

But socialized groupthink is not the answer to what’s wrong with the media. It’s what’s already wrong with the media.

Too bad that everything he wrote before was explaining why he was even more group thinky than most. His whole argument amounts to

I was Jurnoist before there was a jurnoist

And he is right

The war on Faux is over. Murdoch’s flag is firmly planted on top of the White House. Now that Glen Beck sez Sherrod can be un-fired, maybe she will. Next time, make sure you are a Penis-American before telling such stories (or clean, articulate, negro dialect etc)

Adding hysterical reaction from B0botland – it’s all about inconveniencing Obama you see

Breitbart is getting his wish! The President and his admin blamed for something negative….

At the time this story first started buzzing in the morning, I reserved comment. I wanted to get Sherrod’s side of the story first and the larger context of her remarks. From the soundbyte I had seen — which was the footage that first went viral after conservative media put it out there– Sherrod’s tone and the context clues indicated to me that she was trying to express the opposite of what was being alleged against her in conservative media an … Read More

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