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Tom Tomorrow does it again!

Chuck may have become the sensible woodchuck instead of the sensible liberal, but the cat food commission got its due

Some of my favorite panels:

for mentioning William Shatner

for making it clear it’s the POTUS commission

and for the cat food thinghy at the end

Of course, none of it comes even close to vast left’s

I had quite a few apologies posted here since Jr.jr showed his true colors to all.

I wanted to mark this  because (almost) all the right words were said

and dedicating a whole blog to it is cool.

Here is the apology

By way of an apology, I dedicate this site to all those whose opinions and experience I wasn’t willing to consider during the 2008 Democratic Primary season; to all of the Democrats who opposed an Obama nomination I apologize. To all of those Democrats whom I considered too old, too dumb, too unenlightened, too female, too poor, too uneducated, too conservative… I most humbly apologize. I have been put in my place. You were right. You were right and I’m on your side now. Oh, and thank you!

You may want to go there and respond.

P.S – I used ol’ PUMAS in the title for brevity sake, and snark . Ol’PUMA was also meant in historical context – PUMAs standing up to  the thieves of the primary and the corporate Obama.

Present days PUMAs have became too ambiguous a tent for me to be under it.

I guess what our new friend needs to acknowledge next is the electoral fraud they chose to ignore/be too comfortable with. Then maybe some meaningful resistance, activism can be renewed.

If we only had a leader! It seems US can do little to impress BP which as usually has its way  in oil-kill decisions, not just with Corexit

even if some headlines make believe US has some sway


Good to know something concerns them at all.Outside the oil-kill news getto, Dana Priest continues her expose on the secret government

the Express chimes in with the privatizing of secret government work

Rebuilding Afghanistan isn’t going much better than rebuilding US

Scaring people about the Social Security goes on (caution – we vote!)

In NYC, Metro piles on the Palin melee and reports further screwing of the passengers by the MTA following the old pattern: less service, more expensive..

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