Lapsed B0bots at Firedoglake are upset that the White House bitches and moans about liberal bloggers

So many liberals seem shocked and dismayed that Obama is governing as a self-protective politician first and a liberal second, even though that is what he campaigned as.

Yeah, I know, I wondered about that “liberal second” too.

Muses Firedoglake

The second thing is that, to the extent that the “liberal left” is upset at the President, it’s because they are seeing a great opportunity slip away in real time. The only one that told the base that they could change America from the bottom up and bring forth a transformative new era of leadership is Barack Obama. If he didn’t want one, he shouldn’t have said anything. I guess you don’t get elected by opining on “contemporary political realities,” but these roadblocks went up in a flash, from practically the moment after the election.

Sorry, but he did drop gianormous clues, such as when he praised Reagan and referred to  Social Security as entitlement… Not your fault that you were too busy beating up of liberals to pay attention.

The people who worked for Obama, who knocked on doors and made phone calls and all the rest, got the door slammed in their face on Day One. And now, the people who did the slamming want to know why those guys are so angry all the time.

I have one word for the people who knocked on doors – and it’s in Rahm’s lexicon: retarded.

if you missed that clue, you deserved the name.

So, stop whining about whining already! Buy the BS remover and shut up!