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Lapsed B0bots at Firedoglake are upset that the White House bitches and moans about liberal bloggers

So many liberals seem shocked and dismayed that Obama is governing as a self-protective politician first and a liberal second, even though that is what he campaigned as.

Yeah, I know, I wondered about that “liberal second” too.

Muses Firedoglake

The second thing is that, to the extent that the “liberal left” is upset at the President, it’s because they are seeing a great opportunity slip away in real time. The only one that told the base that they could change America from the bottom up and bring forth a transformative new era of leadership is Barack Obama. If he didn’t want one, he shouldn’t have said anything. I guess you don’t get elected by opining on “contemporary political realities,” but these roadblocks went up in a flash, from practically the moment after the election.

Sorry, but he did drop gianormous clues, such as when he praised Reagan and referred to  Social Security as entitlement… Not your fault that you were too busy beating up of liberals to pay attention.

The people who worked for Obama, who knocked on doors and made phone calls and all the rest, got the door slammed in their face on Day One. And now, the people who did the slamming want to know why those guys are so angry all the time.

I have one word for the people who knocked on doors – and it’s in Rahm’s lexicon: retarded.

if you missed that clue, you deserved the name.

So, stop whining about whining already! Buy the BS remover and shut up!

This landed in my mailbox this morning after being forwarded 1000 times

Sent: Tue, Feb 2, 2010 8:05 am

Please sign, and forward. just hit forward then sign. send to all your
friends and save our money we’ve paid into for all these years. Its our
money !!!! Thank you.


It  does not matter if you personally like or dislike  Obama..  You
to sign this petition and  flood his e-mail box with e-mails that tell
him  that,even if the House passes this bill, he needs to veto it.  It
is already impossible to live  on Social Security alone.  If
the government  gives benefits to ‘illegal’ aliens who have
never contributed, where does that leave those of us who have paid into
Social Security all our working  lives?

As stated below, the Senate  voted this week to allow ‘illegal’ aliens
access to Social Security benefits.  Below is an opportunity to sign a
petition that requires citizenship for eligibility to that social

Instructions are below.  If  you don’t forward the petition and just
stop it, we will lose all these names.

If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to
every one you know.

Thank you!

To add  your name, click on ‘forward’.  Address it to  all of your
correspondents, add your name to  the list and send it on.

When the  petition hits 1,000, send it  to

PETITION  for President Obama:

Dear Mr.  President:
We, the undersigned, protest the bill that the Senate voted on recently
which would allow illegal aliens to access our Social  Security.  We
demand that you and all Congressional representatives require
citizenship as a pre-requisite for social services in the United States

We  further demand that there not be any amnesty given to
illegal aliens, NO free services, no funding, no payments to and
for illegal  immigrants

A list of almost 900 signatures follows.

It comes from the right obviously and it tells people that aliens ate your social security. It’s been forwarded by lots of people who should have known better.

I sent back some information on the cat food commission set up by Obama including

vastleft’s cartoon illustrating this

When someone commented BP only capped the well now so Obama can go on vacation I thought it nuts. But it seems funny that the gusher takes a vacation at the same time as Jr.jr

Someone is definitely playing games with us. Now, the WAITING GAME

Meanwhile, in Florida, they spend money on denial PR

although some are aware of effect, even with the gusher stopped

and look, even Obama Times saw it safe to venture in the subject today

But notice that outside of the oil-kill getto, the “temporary” part is left out.

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