If it’s Friday it’s DU-dies time

It’s confusing for a B0bot in this world



Is it all a shell game? (Now Obama’s for war, Ann Coulter is a dove?)

On a thread swooning about Oprecious’s bestest campaign speech, a few fail to be impressed

4. So Obama gave a good speech? Holy shit! That totally excuses all his actions.


and another hillarious headline, inspired by a Fineman article

“Obama is swinging for the fences because that is what home-run hitters do”

I’d say, only if you want to hit those behind the picket fences.


another interesting headline with a net of 180 recs

“He better start dancin’ with them that brung him.”…….

the gist of the anectode

Miss Louise: “Well, I’ll tell ya, if he don’t straighten up and start dancin’ with them that brung him, he better not sell that house in Illinois too quick.” Crickets….. It is not relevant that Miss Louise is African American, but she did say her Church group doesn’t talk about him as much anymore……

Charlie (Crist) is more popular than Obama right now….. Crickets.

The conversation is amusing too with racism accusations and then the  poor 90 years old is slandered

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Response to Original message
9. Ooh Lordie! The Black people are turning against him too!
No increase in Social Security due to the fact that the formula for computing SS payment increase wouldn’t allow it…but yet two $250.00 dollar checks sent to those on SS to make up the difference thus far.Guess I can’t expect the 90 year old or whomever is writing the story to remember all of that! We can’t complicate things too much, or folks will get all confused and shit! :eyes: Permalink

Nevermind that those checks are nearly mythical, she gets defended eventually. With sarcasm.

41. She’s another one of those ungrateful Americans.



A sequel to last week’s categories of B0bots

The reality is that there are other places for Radical Alternative Democrats to go and express themselves where the rules of the site will remove disruptor’s (sic) who don’t agree with their basic agenda.

They didn’t all leave yet:

I’m adjusting to my new identity as a Radical Alternative Dem

……To be clear – I have been radicalized by the actions/inactions of DEMOCRATS! By their perfidy while they posses the trifecta of power – Presidency, House and Senate.

What’s Radical Alternative Dem (RAD) to do? (Aside from refraining from posting)
Does a Democratic victory in November require the votes of RADS or are they totally dispensable? Are they just a tiny subset of the Dem population?

I could offer an alternative name for my group – Disenchanted Base or DEBs. I kind of like that because it reminds me of the great Labor leader Eugene V. Debs.

It has a net of 132 recs so far and one quotable comment

Perhaps we can claim to be FDRs:

Fucking Democratic Retards. :D

Thanks for the help with the name, Rahm! :hi: Hugs and kisses!

In that “we don’t deserve him” category, affirmation + snark+ image

4. I hope he’ll go. You are right. This country does not deserve him

Sun Jul-11-10 04:27 AM
Reply #4
9. We’re not worthy!

The whole thread is predicated on a fictitious letter from BO to his left critics “since you can’t appreciate all I did, screw you guys, I’m going home! (in 2012)

In a thread where a B0bot expected Obama to address the inflammatory military poll by a certain date or appear as endorsing it, one operative is amused

112. You have ego the size of the deficit

giving deadlines? did you send the memo to David Axelrod?

LOL LOL LOL!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! LOLO!!!!!!!

wow, some of you really live in your own fantasy world. keep setting up and moving the goal posts. He’s gotta say this and do this and mention this and if he doesn’t OMG!!!!!! i’m finished.

GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And in the DUH category – here’s a shocker

9. I don’t think anyone knew the repubs would vote NO on everything.

Who in their right mind would shove the people’s business aside to stand up like a bunch of spoiled brats and vote no in unison like a herd of sheep? The republican side of congress is at fault, and there is no way to deny that they have been asses.


Right up there with Condi’s “nobody expected they’d fly planes into buildings”

Ironically, the title of the thread is

Short-Sighted – Why do some liberals refuse to admit Obama is a change agent?

and another praising thread

“He’s done superhuman levels of achievement”

brings some confusion

10. So what is it? Is Obama Superman is he not superman?

Because his people are putting out both messages.

To those with short memories, not being able to “suck it with a straw” and the flurry of media to this effect comes to mind.

and even heavier with irony

3. Not only that,

He’s also letting people photograph the coffins of soldiers who die in his surge!



and the reply from th cheerleader

53. Would you like to go back to a press blackout a la GWB?

personally, I wouldnt.(sic) I like the fact that Obama opened up the public to the TOTAL face of war, whether I agree with all his policies or not.

And the DU-die goes to

On a thread disputing Obama’s accomplishments

77. I compare the Obama haters to

the people in the gulf who were intent on finding bad news. They concentrated their cameras and interviews on the few places where there was no sign of activity by BP or Feds. “Lookie, they’re not doing ANYTHING!1!!!1!”, while a half mile away, 100 boats are skimming.Permalink