I get very scared reading about anything “pleasing BP” but it’s just one of the creative headlines today. How many ways you can say “BP trying to fix the mess. Again.”?

The fingers crossed are still there

In Texas they get folksy

in Florida matter of fact

but in LA they seem to finally have became quite skeptical – note the quotation marks in the headline – although the “pleased” still appears in the subtitle

And with all that hope and pleasing, only USA Today headlineย  mentions that oil flows freely into the ocean now

Also, in Texas, they think BP connections are a political liability

another headline contrary to hope and pleasing in Wall Street Journal: BP MULLS SELLING BILLIONS IN ASSETS Oh, the humanity!

In another breach of the oil-kill news embargo, both LA Times and Moonie Times have stories on the oil burning. I’ll go with theย  Moonies – more regrets, better photo